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Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Chicago, Illinois
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Brian Mar 11 318 views

what is a good tip when choosing a career?

What is asset in accounting?
How accurate is a vocation test?
how much money do i need to study engineering?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 28 500 views

What aspects of accounting are enjoyable and why?

This question was asked anonymously by a learner

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Yuson Mar 04 402 views

how do I go about with my accounting career?

where do I get jobs if I do accounting?

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grace Feb 28 545 views

How Do you differentiate business finance and personal finance when deciding which to chose?

I want to work in finance but have no idea any other information to decide what specifically

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valiliano Feb 23 456 views

why do interns need to be a good student or?

can i be able to do internships if i have low grades?

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John Jan 21 567 views

How can I get better in algebra?

I am pretty good at it but I would like to get better in order to move on to learning about financial literacy and how to use it in my own way so that I’m able to learn more about it.

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Seth Feb 15 225 views

Why do I not know for sure what I want to do as a career in my future.?


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Bryant Feb 14 612 views

Are there any opportunities for advancement at your company?

I want to learn about moving up in a company.

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Alison Feb 13 994 views

Industry Accountants - how much did you have to remember from school?

Hi, I am a junior in college currently majoring in accounting and I plan on working in industry. I worry a lot as graduation comes closer because I haven’t really retained things and even if I brush up on the basics it’s not like I’ll be a professional and know how to do an entry for...

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Jessica Jan 30 428 views

What things do I need to prepare for when going into a career? How will I get started?

I need to get through high school first.

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caelan Jan 30 706 views

What do I need to prepare for going into a career?

I need to finish highschool and find what career choice will be best for me.

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chris Nov 17, 2023 421 views

how can i stay focused on school work ?

i have trouble staying focuesd on school work

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Sam Nov 17, 2023 438 views

How can I build myself up if I want good in programming ?

How can I build myself up if I want good in programming ?

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Hunter Oct 31, 2023 260 views


Where to find the best internship opportunities for historic restoration architect in high school.

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Isabella Nov 14, 2023 278 views

How can I get started on my career?

I really want to pursue design marketing.