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Richard Apr 15 542 views

How can I start my career in accounting?

so many jobs require 2-3 years of experience. Im looking for a job that will allow me that chance.

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Apr 17 406 views

Why does college matter?

I don't understand why people always think college is so important, and why people feel like they have to do it to get a job.

Julissa’s Avatar
Julissa Mar 27 226 views

Would it be smarter to pursue two master's?

I want to be a substance abuse counselor, and I've heard that I can get a masters in both psychology or social work. Would it be smarter to just get one of those or do both? If so am I able to do it at the same time?

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Mar 27 219 views

How to find major for real estate?

need simple answer

jasmin’s Avatar
jasmin Mar 27 290 views

how can you make a good impression at a job review?

I would like to know a few tips on making a good impression when i am being interviewed for a job.

Elaine’s Avatar
Elaine Mar 27 240 views

How can I prepare for college?

I'll be graduating in a year or so, and I'd want to get some tips and advice on college readiness.

Julissa’s Avatar
Julissa Mar 27 306 views

How can I stay motivated?

After studying for so long, and I will keep going after high-school how should I stay motivated? How do I overcome obstacles?

jasmin’s Avatar
jasmin Mar 26 422 views

wha are some good tips on writing a college essay??

im a junior in high school but i would like to know how i can prepare myself for my college application.

Marcelo’s Avatar
Marcelo Mar 22 606 views

What type of high school classes help you become an accountant?

I'm a 16 year old student trying to find classes to help me in the future.

Marcelo’s Avatar
Marcelo Mar 22 644 views

What did you minor in when studying for your accounting degree?

16 year old student looking for advice to become an accountant.

emily’s Avatar
emily Mar 19 1107 views

How can i start on being a runway model and what do i need?

I have always loved,beauty, confidence, and decorating and fashion but i dont know if this carrer will last long and i have a lot of other ideas but i also what to know your opinion on a good career with fashion, design and organize and decorating and baking

mary’s Avatar
mary Mar 19 450 views

how do get a job that I could earn experience from where do I even start from? ?

how do get a job that I could earn experience from? where do I even start from?

Arel’s Avatar
Arel Feb 28 289 views

What should I look for when choosing a college or university?

What should I prioritize first: Sports, Major selection, diversity, if my friends are going.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 22 454 views

First jobs help?

What's the best job to get as a first job? Work hours and such. Including pay. Could it possibly be a summer job to? Do I need to have any work experience?

Shena’s Avatar
Shena Mar 09 376 views

How can i study better?

How can I study better to help me with my time management? I’ve had problems studying and managing my time.
so how can i help myself to study better while protecting my time?