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Civic Duty
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Mary Oct 30, 2018 781 views

How would I get an internship with a foster care social worker during college?

#socialwork #fostercare #college

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Oct 30, 2018 648 views

Would it be better to have a sociology major with a minor in human services or to have a double major both with them both?

I am planning on becoming a social worker in the future!
#college-major #sociology #socialwork

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Aug 29, 2018 626 views

What is the best year to start internships?

Some people say the first year and some say third, but I would like to know when exactly I should start looking ? #help

Allie’s Avatar
Allie Oct 30, 2018 522 views

Why is it so difficult to acquire the answers that i'm asking?

Most of the colleges that I have visited beat around the bush when I ask questions according to my major. It seems that I am referred to 3 or more people in order to get one question answered, or I will just be ignored all together. Should I trust the colleges that feed me false information?...

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Oct 31, 2018 2597 views

What should I do if my school doesn't offer aerospace engineering?

The closest bachelor's degree to aerospace engineering my school offers is mechanical engineering. Should I stay on the mechanical engineering track and conduct internships related to aerospace or transfer to a different school with an aerospace major? What are some thoughts? #mechanical...

Skylar’s Avatar
Skylar Nov 01, 2018 597 views

What can I do to prepare for Med. School applications?

I'm a senior in high school but I want to get started as soon as I'm in college. #premed #doctor #medicine

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jan 18, 2018 969 views

Is it a bad idea to pursue a study abroad program that will neither apply to my major nor provide me credits that I don't already have?

I am a psychology major and am currently interested in applying for 2 very different study abroad programs. One is a psychology program and the other is a Spanish program. I ask this question because I already obtained all the language credits I need from high school but I still wish to learn...

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Oct 31, 2018 869 views

Is academic research or internships better?

I am planning to go into aerospace engineering and astronomy. Would academic research or internships be more beneficial for future job prospects and staying competitive in the job market?

#internship #research #jobs #future

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Oct 31, 2018 928 views

During networking events, what questions can I ask to build meaningful relationships that also keep conversations going for along time?

In a general context, however what would be examples of questions to ask Healthcare IT professionals that can help you learn more about thier department and why they do what they do?
#human-resources #interviews #business

Savanna’s Avatar
Savanna Oct 22, 2018 792 views

I want to be a Marine Biologist. Is this a hard field to get a job in?

I dream of one day being a Marine Biologist. I just wonder how hard it will be to get a job in this field. I love the ocean but I have no knowledge of the careers that are offered in this field. #marine-biology

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Oct 23, 2018 627 views

What are the best ways to study for the ACT?

#studying-tips #college #act

Tara’s Avatar
Tara Oct 24, 2018 985 views

How can I be eligible for a scholarship?

#college #scholarship #money #financial-aid #help

William’s Avatar
William Oct 23, 2018 600 views

What are some good resource books to start my library for working with youth as a social worker?


Antonella’s Avatar
Antonella Oct 23, 2018 715 views

Is the adjustment as hard as everyone makes it out to be?

#college #stress #college-advice

C’s Avatar
C Jan 09, 2018 895 views

What career would you suggest

I am a freshman in college and I am currently majoring in Zoology. I have always had a love of animals and an interest in endangered animals. I am unsure of what career would be right for me. I am not interested in being a vet, but I would love a career involving animals. #career #animals...