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Xiaohui’s Avatar
Xiaohui Oct 22, 2021 520 views

I wonder to know how to become a programmer and the salaries of this job?

I am a high school student and interested in computer science major. I want to become a programmer in the future. This is an aspect that neither math nor English offers me, ye #computer-science #computer #computer-software t I know it is difficult. However, I want to challenge myself.

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Jun 29, 2021 424 views

What should i do if i cant decide between careers?

#career-choice #college

Nokwanda Puleng’s Avatar
Nokwanda Puleng Jul 02, 2021 629 views

How to approach companies for internships and entry-level jobs

I am currently doing my Masters in Development Studies and are eagerly looking for internships #research #developmentstudies #graduate #women #NGO

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jul 10, 2020 952 views

What is the hardest part of getting to be and being a graduate with a Computer Science degree

I like to work hard and and i love technology
Im the type of person that doesn't like to wait for people to do things for me if i can do myself I'd rather do it myself .
#computer-science #technology

Andy’s Avatar
Andy Jun 19, 2020 691 views

Other than creativity, what other skills are needed to become a graphic designer?

#graphic-design #art #computer #graphics

Rickell’s Avatar
Rickell Jan 16, 2018 668 views

Changing Majors

Entering college as a young adult and with lots of aspirations of what to come ahead, we always come across the option to change their major. What is the difference between a business degree vs. a communications degree in a career perspective?

#business #communications #college-majors

Kris’s Avatar
Kris Mar 18, 2020 909 views

Is taking 17 credits during one semester too much?

I am an international student who want to complete an bachelor degree major in biology. I live in Vancouver, Canada #biology #college #degree I am taking 4 academic courses in the first semester in college ( Associate of Science Degree for first 2 year) then I will transfer my credits to...

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Oct 25, 2016 2622 views

What are the most enjoyable things of being an engineer?

I am very interested in the engineering field, after my older sister began to start leaning towards majoring in it. As a freshman, I don't have to choose just yet, which is why I wanted to keep my options open. STEM seems like a very interesting and rewarding topic to work in. My best friend is...

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Jan 24, 2019 711 views

If I have a BS in Psychology, will I be accepted for a MS in Ecology ?

I am a US citizen living in Australia, I have been out of school for 2 1/2 years, and I would like to go back to school to earn a masters in Ecology or a related field. I would like to know if this is possible in the USA, but I want to go to school in Central Europe. Would a foreign school in...

aayushe’s Avatar
aayushe Feb 27, 2019 362 views

i want to pursue CA how should i go about it ? I am planning to take math with commerce ?

i dont want to waste any time after 12th so i was thinking to get into law college and continue CA studies

Dana’s Avatar
Dana Apr 01, 2020 538 views

How do you balance your work and home life?

I am looking at pursuing medecine but I am not sure it is the lifestyle I want, since I am hoping to have a family and ensure I have time at home to spend with them. #student #medecine #futuredoctor

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Apr 01, 2020 445 views

How do I become an architect, via education?

I love buildings and designing Legos, and have always loved buildings things. I am also very good at math. I am going t o take German in high school. Not sure what college though. #architect and #college

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Apr 01, 2020 725 views

How do you know that what you want to do in life you are actually going to enjoy it

Dance , friends,family, animals, babysitting,high school, future, south boston , bccs #school