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Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Nov 16, 2023 677 views

How does one maintain a healthy work/life balance so that the demands of a career or academic goal do not stifle other passions?

I have always had a desire to acquire a deeper understanding of our natural world and its living processes at a molecular level. I am applying to college to pursue Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, with the hope of one day attending graduate school or even taking the Medical sciences route. I...

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Nov 10, 2023 269 views

What ways can I start to be most invested into my future career, even as a highschool student?

Hi! I'm currently a freshman in highschool, and I have wanted to try and focus on my career path more often. I've always wanted to be a teacher, but I'm not sure if I'm wanting to be an acting/theater highschool teacher or an elementary teacher. Nevertheless, do you have any tips on how to take...

Celia’s Avatar
Celia Oct 17, 2023 593 views

How can I figure out the right career for me if I have many different interests For example, I want to go into a career that has to do with sports and business but I don't know where to start finding the right career for me. ?

I love social media marketing, marketing in general, photography, and sports management (I have a leadership-driven personality).

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Oct 17, 2023 610 views

how can i begin my journey to becoming a fashion designer?

What are the best schools for fashion design and business?

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia Oct 02, 2023 656 views

How do I shadow genetics counselors?

I am two years post undergrad and have been working in patient care since graduation. I am looking into getting my masters in genetics counseling. I want to make sure the career is right for me and get some experience before applying, any advice?

Josory’s Avatar
Josory Oct 02, 2023 480 views

When can you start a business ?

Does it have to take a license or a degree to start a business that you love to do

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Oct 02, 2023 360 views

How do I choose a career path that suits me?

For reference, I am a high schooler interested in math, business, design, and computer science. I am seeking advice because I do not want to go into a career path that I will regret or get bored of.

Griffin’s Avatar
Griffin Oct 01, 2023 2205 views

Theatre degrees?

What is a good alternative or a job that you can get with a theatre degree? Are there any well-paying jobs with a theatre degree, and can I do theatre for a living?

Carmen’s Avatar
Carmen Sep 28, 2023 724 views

what are the requirements to be a Registered Dietitian?

It varies by state

most states require a bachelors degree, a masters long with internships, and pass an exam to be a licensed nutritionist

Geo’s Avatar
Geo Sep 27, 2023 332 views

When should I start college searching?

Im a junior and I feel like I should have a better idea about college and majors, and I really don’t. How do I know what to look for in a college?

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Sep 24, 2023 381 views

What college majors are recommended for someone who wants to further their sustainable horticulture education past a tech school?

What college majors are recommended for someone who wants to further their sustainable horticulture education past a tech school? I want to go to college and further my education but I cannot find a Major that appeals to me.

Ashagre’s Avatar
Ashagre Sep 12, 2023 292 views

How do you fix a world that has been tuned upside down?

I've always wanted to change the world whether that's by inventing something that will help the world or by finding a career that lets me help people and give hope and second chances in life witch is why I wanna study law and order so I can fight and protect what I believe is right and...

Julien’s Avatar
Julien Sep 09, 2023 7745 views

Why do people go to school?

I believe people to go to school to get a diploma, to prove people that they finish high school or maybe the reason people go to school it's because they want to makes more money. People don't have to go to school to start investing though.

Whanezby’s Avatar
Whanezby Sep 09, 2023 431 views

How can I start investing?

How can I start investing?

Antonia’s Avatar
Antonia Sep 08, 2023 1229 views

What should I work on now if I am interested in a path to speech pathology?

Hello speech pathologists! I'm a current sophomore in high school and want to pursue a career as a speech pathologist. What would you recommend I do now to help me on this path? Extracurricular activities? Jobs? Internships?

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