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Brandon, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Misty’s Avatar
Misty Dec 27, 2023 937 views

How should I decide my career path What career paths pay the most??

I am a 17 year old female who is about to finish highschool. I am almost on my way to college and still don't know what I want to do. Any advice on where to start?

Jhonny’s Avatar
Jhonny Dec 27, 2023 780 views

what institution would be the best fit for me?

Given my current interests, strengths, and educational background, what degree program within this institution do you believe would be the best fit for me?

Hezekiah’s Avatar
Hezekiah Dec 04, 2023 544 views

What are some good companies to work for in the field of Mechanical Engineering?

I am obtaining my AA in May 2025 and I plan to advance my education with my Bachelors but I am unsure what companies to work for or at least should consider. I know certain places will reach out but I want to consider places to work prior to ensure they possess what I am looking for.

jeremiah’s Avatar
jeremiah Nov 20, 2023 262 views

how can i make money at 14?

how can i learn to make money and get a job im 14 im a guy trying to be a bartender and a casino dealer i like to work out shuffle my cards and watch youtube i have no inspirations

Val’s Avatar
Val Nov 19, 2023 435 views

How do I get into the film industry as an actor?

I am 16 years old and have been in theatre since I was 8. I am currently in my high school school theatre where we do two shows a year.

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Nov 17, 2023 292 views

How hard to get the job?

How hard is it to get a job after college with your new degree?

Hector’s Avatar
Hector Nov 07, 2023 239 views

What is the best way to gat an athletic scholarship?

I play baseball for my local school but I am home-schooled.

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Nov 04, 2023 293 views

what is the best way to get a welding business kickstarted?

So for my business i already have a machine capable of dc stick/tig machine, several squares, grinder, a small bit of metal and welding gas ( 40 Cf of 100% Argon and 75/25 mixed gas).

Josie’s Avatar
Josie Nov 03, 2023 340 views

What schools are good to go to be an interior designer and decorator that is a passion I think I would like to pursue more but I’m not sure what I need to study?

What schools are good to go to be an interior designer and decorator? that is a passion I think I would like to pursue more but I’m not sure what I need to study.

Lexie’s Avatar
Lexie Nov 01, 2023 231 views

How can i get paid well ?

What is the best way to get money

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Oct 24, 2023 225 views

how do I find out the admission fee for usf?

how do I find out the admission fee for usf

hay’s Avatar
hay Oct 22, 2023 704 views

What are the best fields of law to go into for someone who enjoys politics, but also enjoys studying criminal cases?

However, the idea of defending a criminal does not sit right with me, and having a criminal get out of jail come after me for prosecuting them is also nerve wracking.

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Oct 11, 2023 135 views

What are some good college grants and scholarships I can obtain?

I wish to obtain my PhD in psychology by age 24. Unfortunately, my access to academic money is narrow and I want to expand it. If there are any grants and scholarships I qualify for, I am very open to trying them.

Janii’s Avatar
Janii Oct 02, 2023 201 views

question for cosmetologist

What are some traits you have to have a cosmetologist?

Susan’s Avatar
Susan Oct 01, 2023 237 views

What is biology ?

What is biology? And how can biology help me in everyday life ? And why do i need biology?

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