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aisha’s Avatar
aisha 2 days ago 260 views

What is the fastest way to become a nurse?

I am in 11th grade right now. i want to become a nurse as soon as possible. can you explain it step by step? What is BSN, RN? How long does it take minimum to become a nurse?

Jamylah’s Avatar
Jamylah Jun 20 167 views

what are key ways to be successful in dermatology?

what are key ways to be successful in dermatology?

Brady’s Avatar
Brady Jun 11 376 views

What is the best way to get an internship while still going to school?

I am a current university student, and I am looking for some advice on how to balance an internship while still getting a degree.

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella Jun 07 361 views

What does it take to be a successful journalist?

How do I get experience? As I enter the field, are there certain things employers will look for? What will make me successful, my education in journalism or my experience with it? Should I create a portfolio of my work, and if I do, can I include writing unrelated to journalism?

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia Jun 01 845 views

How can I become a Registered Travel nurse ?

How can I become a Registered Travel nurse? What colleges are good for this field and what can I do in high school to help lay the foundation for this career?
Thank you!

Malak’s Avatar
Malak May 22 276 views

How can I become a pediatric nurse, right after graduation from nursing school with my bachelors of nursing#Spring24?

Hello, I’m a sophomore in college and finishing my pre-reqs for nursing and later on wanting to apply to nursing school to get my bachelors of nursing. And my main goal for becoming a nurse is not just in general I want to get into a special field like pediatric nurse and just what to know will...

jayden’s Avatar
jayden May 06 250 views

how to focus on my career?

after high school

Carrie’s Avatar
Carrie May 01 602 views

How do I become an art teacher What qualifications are needed? What should I major in?

I have an AA in Liberal Arts. I really want to teach or be a therapist. I can't choose which one I should do. I didn't know where to begin to compare them.

Malak’s Avatar
Malak Apr 27 332 views

What is the hardest part of the nursing program?#Spring24?

Hello, I want to pursue a degree in nursing with my bachelors and will be applying to Wayne state university bachelors of nursing program once I get done with my pre-read. And it’s 3 years. I want to know what will be the hardest part of the nursing program and how can I be able to look out for...

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Apr 24 196 views

How do you sell/shop a pitch deck for television #Spring24?

I’ve recently finished a pitch deck for a television series and I am writing more for movies and TV shows. I’m not sure how to sell/shop them or where to start. #Spring24

Malak’s Avatar
Malak Apr 24 256 views

What nursing program would be best for me and for my future career goal?#Spring24

Hello I’m freshmen student at WSU and finishing my pre-requisition for pre-nursing and I’m struggling with figuring out if I should got to Wayne state university nursing program or Madonna university program. I would rather go to Wayne state university but it’s 3 years and modonna university is...

Emmy’s Avatar
Emmy Apr 20 387 views

How do I grow?

I wish to be good at what I do (data analytics)

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 18 750 views

What grade is the best to teach?

I'm about to go into college but I don't know if I want to do elementary or secondary teaching. I want to know what grade is the best to teach before I make my choice.

Brooklynn’s Avatar
Brooklynn Apr 10 313 views

How can one get scouted for modeling at a young age?

I'm a 14-year-old girl, in high school, I have always wanted to model, I'm 5'6,117 pounds, and can model walk in heels, but I have not yet found a modeling agency near me.

Desaray’s Avatar
Desaray Apr 02 487 views

How do I figure out what I want to pursue?

My name is Desaray im currently in 10th grade at a school called kearsley High school I'm not sure what I want to go to college for, I know I am Interested in going to college just not what to major or minor in but I would like to apply and look at collages so I am prepared for my future. I...

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