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Clermont, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Ian’s Avatar
Ian Jun 16 176 views

Will I make myself and the people around me proud?

I need advice on how to make money for school.

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jun 15 178 views

What courses can I take it to better my career path in math?

What courses can I take it to better my career path in math?

khloe’s Avatar
khloe May 10 259 views

What does a criminal profiler need to go out to the field ?


Lily’s Avatar
Lily May 02 213 views

What is the best college to go to?

Please answer!!

stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie Apr 28 333 views

What should I do to get to my end goal?

My end goal is to become a criminal behavior analyst or a Criminal Investigator. I currently am in school earning a bachelor’s in Criminology and Behavioral Healthcare. With an Associates in Criminal Justice already. I was wondering if getting a job as a CPI ( child protective investigations...

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Apr 28 420 views

What minor should I choose between Leadership and Supply chain/operations management if I'm majoring in Management and I plan to become an Operations Manager?

I have researched both of these minors and they both seem to have pros but I'm wondering other people's perspective of which one will be the most beneficial.

Olamide’s Avatar
Olamide Apr 28 211 views

How can I grow my knowledge in business administration?

How can I grow my knowledge in business administration?

Rory’s Avatar
Rory Apr 14 260 views

What is the process in finding a job as an Athletic Trainer?

I am a former athlete and I love biology and studying the human body. I am a student in high school trying to research careers. I will take all of the help I can get, thank you!

sheldon’s Avatar
sheldon Apr 12 424 views

what are the signs of success?

i want to know if i have them

Glennys’s Avatar
Glennys Apr 08 398 views

What career should I dedicate to if I'm interested in many?

I want to be a surgeon, nurse, psychologist, deal with criminal cases, learn to read body language, etc.

Shay’s Avatar
Shay Apr 07 371 views

How do I find a compatible job?

I need something that's fits me best but I don't know wheree to workkk.

Zaid’s Avatar
Zaid Apr 01 502 views

What should i do if i want to major in chemical engineering but the university im planning to go to doesn’t offer said program. I was thinking of majoring in materials science and engineering and getting a minor in chemistry. Could that potentially land me any chemical engineering jobs, or should I reconsider what im planning to do?

Hello! Im in 11th grade and absolutely love both engineering and chemistry.

Ramilton’s Avatar
Ramilton Mar 22 361 views

why would you want to be a doctor ?

i cant explain anyone knows ?

Anna Luiza’s Avatar
Anna Luiza Mar 02 673 views

How did you decide what need to do you wanted to follow?

I´ma Junior right now, so I realley need to start planwhat I want in the future and the only career that already passes for me until now is a lawyer or a doctor

McKenna’s Avatar
McKenna Feb 27 1301 views

Why is it so important to get good grades and try so hard ?

Im always trying so hard to get good grades in middle school but colleges don't even look at them so I don't understand why it is important.

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