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Creswell, Oregon

Within 40 mile radius
Mateo’s Avatar
Mateo Jun 06 1451 views

What is the most prevalent trait in successful businesspeople in the finance sector??

I am a freshman finance major who is going to be interning as a treasury intern this summer.

novelyn’s Avatar
novelyn Apr 30 336 views

Does being an Ultrasound Technician pay good?

could i live in a house alone? could i have 2 car payments? could i have an entire family? what’s it like to live on the salary. i wanna be middle class

Randi’s Avatar
Randi Feb 01 493 views

How can I better my chances at getting a scholarship?

I’m from a small town and most of the kids around me do agricultural and the ones who don’t stay in Oregon but I don’t want to, I plan on attending a two year program in Oregon then a four year program out of state.

Zyanne’s Avatar
Zyanne Jan 23 434 views

How can i start my steps to be a kids dentalhygienic?

I'm in 9th grade and want to be a dentist for kids to help their experiences

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jan 05 2172 views

How do you find a lifelong career that you will love and be passionate about?

I'm still young, in my early twenties asking for advice or helpful insight on finding the right path for me. I'm currently enrolled in a Jobcorps Center and am pursuing Pharmacy technician and or other trade work training. I have several small interests that I enjoy but none that I feel...

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Dec 13, 2023 551 views

How can I be the most successful in this field?

I am going for Pharmacy Technician and want to know how I can be the most successful within that occupation?

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Dec 13, 2023 1496 views

Why would you recommend working for this company?

This is just a question I would ask an employer who's interviewing me

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Dec 13, 2023 533 views

What kind of schedule comes with this type of position?

I am currently practicing asking questions for future interviews

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Oct 08, 2023 518 views

when should i start a real estate career?

when should i start a real estate career?

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Sep 23, 2023 193 views

What is it like to work as a tattoo artist?

What is it like to work as a tattoo artist?

Ireland’s Avatar
Ireland Sep 03, 2023 317 views

What classesdo i need?

I am a senior in high school and I am lost on what classes I should take next year

Trintan’s Avatar
Trintan Aug 26, 2023 443 views

When should I know what I want to do for my future because as of now I am going into my 10th grade year?

What are some things I should know after graduation and when should I know what I want to do for the rest of my life as a career because right now I am confused? I am in 10th grade

Dusty’s Avatar
Dusty Jul 03, 2023 363 views

Whats the best way to start off your acting career?

What is the best way to start your acting career? I've been trying to get into acting for a while, but I have no clue how to start getting paid for it.

ivy’s Avatar
ivy Jun 21, 2023 372 views

how good is pharmacy tec?

how long will pharmacy tec take to finish?

Eboni’s Avatar
Eboni Feb 16, 2023 350 views

What role in student life best aligns with the values of providing an inclusive, compassionate, and holistic space for students to grow personally and academically?

As a student myself, I can understand the challenges learners go through to seek out the best in life: Success. There are lots of things colleges learn to modernize and tackle on the barriers students face and I want to be a part of this journey to help others.

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