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Devon, Pennsylvania

Within 40 mile radius
Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Oct 02, 2023 392 views

What’s the best study method?

I have a hard time focusing when studying

Marissa’s Avatar
Marissa Sep 27, 2023 390 views

Does anyone know of any genetic counseling shadowing or internship opportunities in the greater Philadelphia area?

I'm a junior biology major and am hoping to apply to grad school next year.

Radia’s Avatar
Radia Sep 25, 2023 212 views

What should I do in order to find out what I wanna do in medical field?

I know I want to be something in medical field but I’m not sure what I want to be.

Harmony’s Avatar
Harmony Sep 25, 2023 303 views

Who do I go to for help?

How do I find more hands on opportunities in the med field as a sophomore ? Where and who should I go to for mentorship and guidance other than people on line.

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Sep 21, 2023 339 views

How can I go into the entrepreneurship field and start a successful business?

I want to start a graphic design business when I graduate college. What can I do to make sure this business is successful?

John’s Avatar
John Sep 16, 2023 311 views

If I am currently taking classes such as AP Euro, AP US Gov, AP Comp Gov, and Ap lit will these courses help my application if I want to go into criminal justice as a major in college?

I am currently a senior filling out college apps.

Susana’s Avatar
Susana Sep 15, 2023 322 views

What’s the best way to create a respectful bond in a classroom?

I have a strong desire to be an Art Teacher, I want to encourage younger generations to be more expressive and creative, but what can do I when students aren’t willing to try? How do I make sure what I teach resonates with everyone?

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Sep 10, 2023 424 views

How did you realize this was the career for you?

Was there anything that helped you decide in high school or in college?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Sep 10, 2023 359 views

How do you choose a major?

i love cooking baking and i want to go to culinary school but im worried about to stability of the jobs i want so I need a backup option of what to study.

Blanca’s Avatar
Blanca Sep 09, 2023 690 views

Career paths for business ?

For people who work in business and business management what do you find most enjoyable and what made you pick your career
Also how much do you make (if not too personal)

Also best courses and colleges for it

John’s Avatar
John Sep 07, 2023 318 views

Hi, Im a senior in highschool and I recently dropped my AP Econ (micro/macro) class and in place I am taking AP euro. I would like to major in Poli Sci in college and I am currently taking 4 APs which are, AP lit, Ap U.S. Gov, AP Euro, AP Comp Gov. I was wondering if dropping my AP econ class will affect my applications drastically.?

Is AP euro a difficult class and will it help me out in college as a poli sci major?

Akeim’s Avatar
Akeim Sep 06, 2023 405 views

how do i become a gaming and skit youtuber?

what do I have to do to become famous and how do i do it why is it important to follow every step when should I do it. and when i exactly get it what should i do next

Arianah’s Avatar
Arianah Sep 01, 2023 220 views

How would I start my herbalist journey without any resources?I want to go away for school but I am unable to find any colleges with my major which will be herbalism.

How would I start my herbalist journey without any resources?I want to go away for school but I am unable to find any colleges with my major which will be herbalism.

Silvana’s Avatar
Silvana Aug 31, 2023 520 views

What career in finance or business would be best for someone who likes being around other people but would also allow for days for them to work alone?

-I'm in 10th grade, thinking about going into finance/business
-Would love to be around other people, but not having that as being the main part of my job
-Like not a financial assistant or a bank teller

J’s Avatar
J Aug 28, 2023 440 views

Would it be better if i did online jobs?

i just though maybe doing online would be better.

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