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Indiana, USA

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Aug 12 119 views

When should I start searching for colleges?

I am a junior in high school, and feel like I should maybe start searching, but I'm not completely sure. would like some other opinions.

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Aug 09 83 views

What can I do in order to be successful?

I am 17 and I would to help my parents out. There are 11 of us in total so it is a little hard on them. If I can learn anything useful that can help as much as possible that is the main goal.

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Aug 06 103 views

Where should I look for career paths?

Where should I look for career options? I’m only in 7th grade but it seems that most people have a career path they want to follow and I don’t know what to do.

Ha’s Avatar
Ha Jul 31 92 views

Is there any advice I could get on how to make medical school work?

I’m a college freshman majoring in nursing. I’m thinking of continuing my study in medicine after I graduate but I don’t know if it’s worth it. School debuts makes me scared and I’m from a low income family that can’t even make 30,000 a year. I’ve missed all the good opportunities and...

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Jul 29 54 views

I really want to become an orthodontist when I grow up. How can I prepare now for the future? What tips do you have?

As a 7th Grade student, I'm pretty lost on the topic of preparing for my future.

Maggie’s Avatar
Maggie Jul 28 81 views

How difficult was it to maintain a good work-life balance during medical school and residency?

I plan on going into neurosurgery, which is an extensive residency. How difficult is it to have a family while in residency?

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jul 20 69 views

College questions?

When should I begin applying for college scholarships? Where should I look to find good ones? What do I do if I'm not eligible for a lot bc of my family's income?

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jul 18 118 views

What should I do before I apply to colleges and related programs/scholarships in order to have a competitive application that stands out?

I am getting ready to go into my senior year of high school and want to make the most out of it before I apply to colleges and related programs/scholarships. I am interested in doing biochemistry and animal sciences, considering double majoring. My long term goal is to go to vet school. I...

Nataleya’s Avatar
Nataleya Jul 13 83 views

Why do I get low scores on my essays?

Why do I get low scores on my essays?

Levi’s Avatar
Levi Jul 12 133 views

What are some tips multi talented people looking for a job?

What are some tips multi talented people looking for a job

I have talentes in multiple things because of my enthusiasm for my hobbies. But I want to find a good job for a 16-17 year old

Kadidiatou’s Avatar
Kadidiatou Jul 12 71 views

Which one is better MBA or MHA? ?

I am a junior in college, and I want to work in healthcare administration. Should I get an MBA or and MHA?

Cindy’s Avatar
Cindy Jul 09 84 views

What are somethings you did in high school to help you go into the medical field?

Hi, My name is Cindy and I go by she/her pronouns. I have always wanted to work in the medical field. It wasn't to long ago that I found my passion in working in the ER. There are a few personal reasons that push me to hope to become an MD in the ER. That also brings me to ask a questions on...

RACHEL’s Avatar
RACHEL Jun 30 97 views

How to pass middle school with the right help?

For example, how do you focus in class get the right notes to get around easily find a way to pass without having to cheat at all, and how to not give up on school. Advice? Help?

Gaency’s Avatar
Gaency Jun 21 85 views

How hard is it to be a nurse?

How hard is it to be a nurse?

Akeem’s Avatar
Akeem Jun 20 137 views

What is the process of getting a professional job when you get out of college?

What is the process of getting a professional job when you get out of college?

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