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Pasco, Washington

Within 40 mile radius
Jams’s Avatar
Jams Aug 31 150 views

How does insurance and bills work?

I have never been taught by my family or school how insurance works. Like at all. And how do you pay bills? Is there a website to pay for all of this stuff? Or maybe you mail it in?

Jams’s Avatar
Jams Aug 31 131 views

How do you get a job when you have no experience?

What would be a great way to build career experience with no experience? Its been hard to get a job since I haven't had one before, and I need to start saving money for the future plans I have and college. I have a resume prepared already.

Jeanette’s Avatar
Jeanette Jun 13 92 views

I am pursuing computer science. What classes should I take in college and what college offers the best stem programs?

I am currently a high school student and want to major in computer science but I have no idea what college to attend and what classes to take

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Sheena May 31 129 views

Nurses: What is the environment like where you work?


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Sheena May 31 87 views

Nurses: What skills do you use the most?


Sheena’s Avatar
Sheena May 31 92 views

Nurses: What did you expect to get out of this experience before you started and what have you gotten out of it so far?


Shayla’s Avatar
Shayla Sep 28, 2022 322 views

What training/education was required to become a psychologist, and what do you do as a psychologist?

Questions about the psychology field

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Sep 13, 2022 517 views

How do I start my own business?

I want to start my own business working with metal fabrication and welding. What licenses would i need to start up?

Charles E’s Avatar
Charles E Jun 28, 2022 244 views

where should i go to learn or start my game developing career.

I'm currently in the process of schooling at job corps but after that i was wanting to know where to go after that.

Max’s Avatar
Max Oct 04, 2021 408 views

Is a trade course or apprenticeship better for welding?

#welding #welder

Destany’s Avatar
Destany Sep 30, 2021 503 views

What is it like to be an art therapist

I am a senior in High School interested in art therapy and would like to dig deeper in this career. #art #artist #therapy #psychology #arttherapy #creativearttherapy

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Sep 01, 2021 359 views

What are 3 important things that I should know about this kind of career

Hello, i'm planning on going into the culinary arts with my local job corps. My main question is what are 3 important things that I should know about this kind of career?

#chef #cooking #culinary-arts

Lion’s Avatar
Lion Jun 18, 2020 419 views

How do I produce music?

I am 10 years old and write music. I use garage band and Logic X Pro. Is there a better way to do this? #music-industry #music-production #music-education

dezmon’s Avatar
dezmon Jan 23, 2020 318 views

is landscaping boring

im looking to get into landscaping so im curious #yolo

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Roberto Sep 20, 2019 822 views

Architecture Career Path

Where do you start after you get all certifications? #architecture #architect #career

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