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Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
Arkith’s Avatar
Arkith yesterday 141 views

How do I know how or if I should commit to one specific career and one specific career path before I begin high school?

I am going to a vocational technical school for Health Occupations, but I do not know if this commitment will be one that I might regret in the future.

Gisella’s Avatar
Gisella Jun 04 239 views

What were some family-related problems you had to deal with when focusing on your career?

I'm currently deciding whether i should go to the least expensive school (commuting) or the place that would make me the happiest, living on campus. I find it hard telling my family that being away from them, being on my own, being independent 2 hours away, will help me focus on school and my...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 25 248 views

Any tips or advice on whether its worth it to become a zoo vet vs zookeeper? Thank you all! #Spring24

I am currently a zoo science major and debating on whether I want to go to vet school after I graduate!

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 19 383 views

I am looking for internships in a lab setting for the summer of 2024 and am a junior in high school. I did not know the deadlines were so early. Does anybody know of any near Princeton that will still accept applicants?

I am interested in astrophysics and animals. If no one knows of any internships available, local clubs or organizations or camps or something like that would be good too.

Elvire’s Avatar
Elvire May 11 336 views

What career will help me fulfill my purpose and set my family up for financial freedom ?

What career will help me fulfill my purpose and set my family up for financial freedom? I am a non immigrant living in the USA for 2 years now for my husband’s work. We recently changed visas to enable him get a better paying job and I am no longer eligible to work with my new visa (O3). I...

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel Apr 25 738 views

Former consultants - If you made the jump to industry after working in consulting, how did that work for you?

I am very excited to know that I'll be working as a strategy consultant soon after graduation! However, I am considering 'making the jump' to industry later on in life to work at a more specific company that aligns with the changes I'd like to see in the world. (My dream would be to work for a...

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Apr 25 390 views

How can I decide whether to transition to elementary teaching from the mental health counseling profession?

For as long as I can remember, I have gone back and forth between the two careers. I even have master's degrees in both fields, so I am technically qualified to do either. I have only ever worked in the mental health field though. I never really made the jump to being an elementary teacher....

Nadia’s Avatar
Nadia Apr 22 605 views

How do I prepare thoroughly for an interview? Any advice?

Advice on:
Volunteering, Internships or College admission interviews

Khush’s Avatar
Khush Apr 12 249 views

As a high school student how do I know what topics are right for me?

I’m currently a 15 year old high-school sophomore and I have various interests in areas related to tech and science. But within these, I’m not really sure what I like specifically so how can I know more vividly what specific part I like?

Lazarus’s Avatar
Lazarus Apr 11 328 views

What opportunities do i likely to meet?

My university is more likely to offer internship opportunities from the second year. What are some skills that I should develop right now so that I can get internships from prominent companies / FAANG while majoring in electrical engineering? I have no prior experience in doing internships

Gideon’s Avatar
Gideon Apr 11 542 views

What is a suitable career

What career is suitable for a 17 yo accounting student

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 28 537 views

How can I become a professional webdeveloper?

I just want to know if its a good idea to go into webdevelopment I heard its very complicated

diksha’s Avatar
diksha Feb 29 347 views

how do you network more efficiently?

how do you network more efficiently? i struggle with meeting new people and establishing good connections that will benefit me in the future. i miss out on a lot of opportunities this way.

Milo’s Avatar
Milo Feb 16 744 views

How to figure out what I want to do?

I want to work in the arts field. I am just struggling on what to focus in on. I have theatrical and singing training, but I have a huge passion for fine art too. I want to pursue both but I’m not sure how to balance it.

John’s Avatar
John Feb 06 550 views

College admission grades?

I want to have the best chance I can at getting into USC, but I also don't want to need a 4.0 GPA and be taking as many honors and AP classes as possible. I want to be able to do things outside of school and such. Do you think I would need a 4.0 GPa and tons of honors and AP classes to get in?

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