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Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
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Ten Apr 26 521 views

What are some factors I need to consider if I am a returning student interested in pursuing computer science degree?

I am an adult student, after years of being away from education I'd like to return and continue my education. I am also a first gen student. So, I am technically struggling to carve my path. I am interested in computer science. I am torn between online and on-campus education. I feel like...

Jordyn’s Avatar
Jordyn Apr 25 622 views

Where can i get kpop backround music from?

Im writting a song and i need a backround music .I need a website for kpop backround music despiratly.i also need a website for posting my kpop songs and dances,pls help!

James’s Avatar
James Apr 24 510 views

How do I become a professional in software development?

I have less time to practice my skill in computer

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Apr 24 668 views

What advice can you give me about my future career in Industrial Electronics?

I have a few questions about the Industrial engineering field, more specifically Industrial Electronics. Given the extensive process to even get certified or a degree, I'm curious as to the learning curve of the work? Are there any particular skills that I should become acquainted with before...

Shira’s Avatar
Shira Apr 25 618 views

What jobs are best for people (me) who want to deal with all the technology and behind the scenes of film/tv?

I am going to college for film/tv/digital media production and was wondering what are all the jobs I can get out of it that are super technical and less screenwriting and such.


Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Mar 10 509 views

best thing i have to do to learn python ?

best thing i have to do to learn python ?

Chanice’s Avatar
Chanice Mar 10 884 views

How to enter into Fintech Industry?

I want to find a FinTech position, in which I can come in entry level and make more than I make at my current job. I currently work for the gov, doing general tax related work and speaking to customers. I want something Fintech related and back office, meaning no direct contact with customers....

Kieran’s Avatar
Kieran Apr 17 1023 views

What is the best roadmap for learning programming?

I have only a little bit of knowledge in Python and I'm interested in building projects so that I can have a portfolio to showcase to employers. I don't want to rely on online tutorials in order to program my projects.

Nabeel’s Avatar
Nabeel Apr 18 563 views

What would you need in order to become a technician?

I am a junior in high school and tech has been an interest of mine

Huntington’s Avatar
Huntington Apr 19 546 views

What kind of discrimination have you experienced or witnessed in the STEM field?

We have a huge research project in our class where we need to gather information about discrimination people have faced in STEM. Whether it was while you were still a student, or had a full-time career, have you witnessed or dealt with it?

Arianna’s Avatar
Arianna Apr 19 335 views

What discrimination have you dealt with well in the stem field?

Have you ever had to deal with discrimination because of your race or gender?

carmen’s Avatar
carmen Apr 20 635 views

what is the best career path to take?

career path tips

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Apr 21 548 views

What are some computer engineer or related internships that don't require any prior experience?

I am a college student looking for computer engineer internships in the San Jose Bay Area. What are some companies that are recruiting right now?

Izeya’s Avatar
Izeya Apr 23 389 views

Who would like to do a Quick Interview with me?

I need a few different people to do an interview with me about their respective professions regarding Logistics and Logistics Analysis, as well as Human Resources. Furthermore, if there were any people in the Army in a reconnaissance or in the Rangers division who could give me some insight...

Olaniyan’s Avatar
Olaniyan Apr 23 384 views

How do I find a part time computer science while attending a part time program on computer science ?

I am attending a part time degree in computer science and I also want to apply for a part time job on computer science. Pls I would appreciate your advice and review on the matter