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Elijah H.’s Avatar
Elijah H. Apr 27 217 views

Biomedical Engineers: What would you say an average week is like?

I'm curious about the field and was wondering what the average work week looks like.

kyle H.’s Avatar
kyle H. Apr 27 165 views

what is the day to day job about Computer and Information Systems Managers

i am trying to get more info about this job

Scarlett G.’s Avatar
Scarlett G. Apr 26 171 views

I'm looking at a career in the Army that involves coding/computer skills and I have a few questions.

a. How do cyber jobs interact with the military?
b. What are ways to stand out in cyber jobs?
c. Will cybersecurity be overinflated in the next 5 years because of how popular it is now?
d. What are little known ways to perfect your coding?
e. What are the biggest mistakes you can make when coding?

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 27 204 views

What is the difference between these 2 jobs?

Hi im thinking about being a software developer but I keep on seeing software engineer. What are the cons and pros of a software engineer vs a software developer? Also thank you for all the help you guys have given me especially Randy Tolentino.

Joshua K.’s Avatar
Joshua K. Oct 05, 2021 253 views

What career do you want and what are your goals?

I want to be a software engineer because it has a very high rate of pay and it is what I am interested in, in the digital age. #technology #software-development #engineering

eries R.’s Avatar
eries R. Aug 07, 2021 254 views

whats some major career yall faced

#technology, #medicine, #nailtech

Nandi N.’s Avatar
Nandi N. Aug 03, 2021 278 views

in my school we only ha CAT (computer applications technology) as a subject and i want to purse the programming or the software course in varsity my problem is that am i going to be able to them considering the subject that i am doing or do i need to do computer sciences

i love technology but the marks i get only come from theory tests because i do not have the resources that can help me do my practicals #technology #computer #programming #software

Micah Y.’s Avatar
Micah Y. Oct 20, 2015 953 views

How can you become a good cook and get a good degree for cooking?

I'm in the 6th grade and I love to cook and I want to get a good scholar ship so I can have a good future in cooking. How can I get a good scholar ship and have a great future in cooking. #restaurant #owner