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Brandy Vosburgh

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Summerville, South Carolina
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CareerVillage Office Hours Dec 20, 2022 1740 views

What is a mistake you made in work that turned into a learning experience ?

How do you use that learning in your life now?

This is part of our professionals series

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Jan 24, 2023 1381 views

What keeps you motivated as you work?

Do you keep your energy high or low, when it comes to working with others are you sometimes depleted?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Jan 24, 2023 1779 views

How can I find people to interview in my chosen field?

I'm working on a project this quarter on my "5-year-plan" to get to my career goals. Part of the project is conducting interviews. Were can I go?

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Oct 10, 2022 1280 views

What else can I be good at?

What else can I be good at other than school?

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Oct 03, 2022 582 views

What is the first step to finding a suitable career for me?

I am a senior in high school.

Jasmin’s Avatar
Jasmin Jan 22, 2023 683 views

What is the right job for me? How could I find a right job at my young age?

I am a grade 9 student who is currently studying and having financial problems at the same time. I would like to find a right job to support my financial expenses especially in school. My hobbies are cleaning, exercising, and cooking.

Anderson’s Avatar
Anderson Nov 16, 2022 449 views

When is the best possible time for me to start looking into a career?

What would be the best possible time at any age to start looking into a career?

Tvisha’s Avatar
Tvisha Jan 16, 2023 550 views

How to select a college?

I have selected some colleges for my bachelors in culinary arts, however i am not sure which one to select because some of them have good internships and placements, while others have a better teaching faculty or some have amazing events in their campus. What should i give priority to? Also,...

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Jan 19, 2023 7443 views

How do you talk to your boss about leveling up in your career?

I have been working for the same large company (but on a small team) for 10 years at the same role. I want to grow in my career, take on new responsibilities and move into a managerial role. I think there's a good opportunity to move within my own company and think it's probably important to...

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Alyssa Dec 13, 2022 883 views

In your career, was there any obstacles that almost drove you away?

There are always cons to a job, but was there anything bad enough that almost made you stop what you love to do?

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Ulysses Jan 13, 2023 479 views

How do you identify deals while looking for properties?

What tells you that its a good deal.

Katlin’s Avatar
Katlin Jan 18, 2023 1661 views

How did you know what job would make you happy?

I have been considering many paths to go down education-wise, but am unsure of where I should start and what would be the most fulfilling.

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Genevieve Aug 10, 2022 1482 views

What is the best associates degree to get before getting a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity?

Both my younger brother and sister want to earn their associate's degree in cybersecurity, However, I'm concerned that they will be unable to find jobs after graduating with only their associate's degree. I've researched cybersecurity jobs, and discovered that most, if not all require at least...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Jan 09, 2023 1194 views

How do I figure out what career path I want to pursue?

I love to be creative in my free time by indulging in hobbies like creative journalling, painting, reading and creating videos related to reading. I am in grade 12 and am deciding on taking a gap year after graduation to save money and better figure out my future goals. But I often find myself...

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Mahir Jan 13, 2023 890 views

Volunteering Help?

How do i get shadowing or volunteering opportunities near me?