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Jaquan’s Avatar
Jaquan Dec 29, 2023 1019 views

I want to be a buisness marketer how should I start?

I’m in high school and I don’t know how or where to start

Jasminne’s Avatar
Jasminne Mar 19, 2018 2897 views

If I want to become a physician assistant, should I major in biochemistry or biology?

I would like to attend a graduate school with enough experience so that i can become a PA.

#medicine #physician-assistant #hospital-and-health-care

shaila’s Avatar
shaila Sep 13, 2023 614 views

What would be a good college to look into if you want to become a researcher in the biology field? What would be a good college if you are looking to become a physician's assistant?

I'm tied between becoming a researcher or a physician's assistant. Both sound interesting and can be in the biology category. I do better with a team and i know both are/can be working with other people.

Sylvia’s Avatar
Sylvia Sep 10, 2023 978 views

What would the best college to study forensic anthology?

I really wanna me a forensic anthropologist and I was wondering what college would be the best to study at

ale’s Avatar
ale Sep 09, 2023 399 views

When becoming a nurse what do you do ?

Little backstory of me so I’m finishing up my hs credits in finishing school and i’ll get my highschool diploma and a certificate for taking phlebotomy courses (only course they offer at my school) now lets say I want to be a L&D nurse what would be my next step? Apply to nursing school? I want...

Blanca’s Avatar
Blanca Sep 09, 2023 698 views

Career paths for business ?

For people who work in business and business management what do you find most enjoyable and what made you pick your career
Also how much do you make (if not too personal)

Also best courses and colleges for it

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Sep 04, 2023 199 views

how can I start my career in animating?

I have always loved drawing but I am wondering how i can start my career in drawing or animating

Reyaa’s Avatar
Reyaa Sep 05, 2023 306 views

How can we secure a shadow or research opportunity when it isn't openly available?

I mostly need help securing ones related to the field of business and engineering.

Clara’s Avatar
Clara Sep 03, 2023 1566 views

What are some good colleges for film production?

What are some good colleges for film production?

Elena’s Avatar
Elena Sep 03, 2023 1795 views

What are some good colleges for forensic science?

I’m really interested in this major but I have no idea where to start looking for colleges.

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Sep 04, 2023 877 views

What should I consider doing in high-school to prepare myself for an architectural major?

Additionally, what should I look for in a college program, and what should I learn/add to my portfolio to prepare myself for applying? I am a junior in high-school who’s taken many AP classes and challenges myself outside of school.

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jul 13, 2023 2094 views

What courses should I take in high school should I take if I want to start a career in forensic science?

i want to do something in forensics and i want to know which courses i should take for that specific field. also im in 8th grade so im asking this before i have to actually pick

angela’s Avatar
angela Aug 06, 2023 213 views

What advice would you give a highschool student that waants to major in biotechnology?

I am a sophomore in highschool and is looking for help deciding if biotechnology is the right major for me.

Neil’s Avatar
Neil Aug 21, 2023 422 views

Question about exposure in the field of biomedical engineering

Hi! I am a sophomore at Poolesville High School (magnet school) who is interested in a biomedical career path (still not certain). I was wondering how I can get more exposure in the field--in terms of lab work, research, hands on work, etc.?

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Jun 21, 2023 292 views

Do you think the demand for physicists will ever go down?

Hello, I am a Job Corps student In San Jose and I am looking into entering the science job search as a physicist. I was wondering if it was stable enough for me to pursue as a career, Any advice/ answers are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for your time.