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I want to be a dermatologist

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Aisha Mar 20 534 views

How to find a mentor?

I need a mentor that can guide me throughout High School and College. I find my counselor to be very unhelpful. I want a mentor that is able to help me out with my extracurricular activities since they seem a bit too complicated to do without one. also someone that is there for me whenever I...

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Aisha Mar 01 549 views

Is it still possible to get into a top 20 school with a 3.8 gpa?

For context in 9th grade I got a 4.0 gpa and for this year I got a 3.6 gpa for semester 1 despite the fact I had a 4 for all my classes except for marketing. I got a 3.2 which is considered an A at my school. But because I enrolled into marketing class late which is not my fault at all my...

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Aisha Feb 22 761 views

What are some extracurriculars I could do that is stem/medicine based?

I’ve had a lot of ideas on what Extracurriculars I want to do but they just seem too much for me to accomplish as a 16 year old. Some ideas I had was formulating an eco friendly sunscreen using chemistry principals but I would assume you need to have a degree in chemistry. Another idea was...

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Aisha Feb 21 1003 views

Do you think it is worth doing the IB program to get into a top 20 school?

I selected my classes for next year and chose to do the IB program. I am starting to regret that choice. I would rather do partial IB. Do you think It’ll look bad if I drop out of the IB program to do partial IB? My goal is to get into a top 20 school. Also my school is an IB school so they do...

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Aisha Feb 20 689 views

How to start a mobile clinic for skin cancer screening for low income communities?

I have an idea in mind but not sure how to start. Like how do I gather a team of volunteers, partner with local clinics, gather funding, etc?

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Aisha Feb 20 555 views

How can I create a website that provides telemedicine services?

I've been wanting to create a website that offers affordable telemedicine services for those in low income communities but i'm not sure where to start. (I've been wanting to do this for a long time as a part of my extracurricular activities)

I am in 10th grade.