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Tonya Apr 24 184 views

What are the benefits of becoming a California Certified Wellness Coach?

Seems like a great pathway to start making positive changes while I finish earning my psychology degree.

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Priscilla Apr 25 649 views

What advice do you have for a new real estate agent in the Bay Area trying to make their first sale #Spring24?

What advice do you have for a new real estate agent in the Bay Area trying to make their first sale? #Spring24

Malak’s Avatar
Malak Apr 24 281 views

What nursing program would be best for me and for my future career goal?#Spring24

Hello I’m freshmen student at WSU and finishing my pre-requisition for pre-nursing and I’m struggling with figuring out if I should got to Wayne state university nursing program or Madonna university program. I would rather go to Wayne state university but it’s 3 years and modonna university is...

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Riley Apr 24 138 views

For clinical therapists How do you keep yourself from experiencing burnout? What practices have you used to keep work and personal feelings separate? #Spring24

I am a sophomore in college studying sport psychology and would like to be a clinical therapist for collegiate athletes. #Spring24

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Anwita Apr 24 239 views

How do I get an internship in the medical/biology/biochemistry field ?

Hi! I am a junior in high school and want to get an internship over the summer in either the medical, the biology, or biochemistry field. I am totally fine without a pay, I just want the experience. I wanted to shadow a doctor but most hospitals only let college students do that. What can I do...

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Keilana Apr 24 396 views

What chemistry field would be the best for someone who doesn't want to be stuck in a lab all day?

I want to go into a chemistry field but don't want to be stuck in a lab all day. I have looked into chemical engineering but I want to know what other fields I may like.

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Da Apr 24 193 views

How much does an average professional footballer earn weekly?

How much does an average professional footballer earn weekly?

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Melissa Apr 24 333 views

How is the whole process of becoming a nurse like ?

I'm a senior in high school about to graduate and go to college. I've been interested in joining my colleges RN program and I'm not sure what to expect in this field and I would like to hear someone's perspective that works in the nursing field.

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Abby Apr 24 168 views

What are some tips to be successful working as a technologist in a clinical laboratory #Spring24?

I am receiving my Masters in Clinical Microbiology this summer and have no hands on experience in a clinical lab! I am looking for some advice to prepare me for my clinical rotations starting next month!

Viv’s Avatar
Viv Apr 25 324 views

Tips for incoming medical student? #Spring24

What are some tips or resources I should look into as I start medical school in the US? #Spring24

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Jake Apr 25 345 views

What helped you network best as an aerospace engineer. ?

I saw that a big part of being an engineer is networking and making professional contacts. I was wondering what would be the best way to meet these people and make these contacts for a future aerospace engineer. Thank you!

Dulce’s Avatar
Dulce Mar 28 424 views

What are the first steps to becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in California?

I'm a 17 year old senior in high school interested in being a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and attending a college that offers this major. I'm still not entirely sure what the first steps are to become one and would like to know more.

Dashan’s Avatar
Dashan Mar 29 458 views

Why is marketing a little confusing ?

My name is Dashan I’m 16 I like business classes and entrepreneurship

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Abdulsalam Mar 29 929 views

What are your strength when it comes to leadership

what interest you in your current job ?

Oluwaseyi’s Avatar
Oluwaseyi Mar 29 525 views

How can i balance school with work?

How to balance trading with school works and also trying to get ideas on what to study (major) to go for in the future... I'd appreciate if someone puts me through it.