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Angelina Costa

Occupational Therapist Registered/Licensed in the state of Massachusetts
Community and Social Service Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Boston, Massachusetts
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Rebekah Apr 21, 2018 652 views

How can I best #pursue #specializing in an area of #occupational therapy?

My aim for a career is #occupational #therapy. I also am intrigued by #specializing in it. I would like to know if there is an #efficient, direct #process by which I can follow as a #guideline in order to achieve this. #occupational-therapy

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Yoga Jun 05, 2019 396 views

Yoga At Home

I want to learn Yoga at home. #student

Maryah’s Avatar
Maryah Oct 17, 2018 579 views

What would be the best major for Occupational Therapy?

#occupational-therapy #major #college-major

Brooklyn’s Avatar
Brooklyn Mar 17, 2018 6736 views

Can a student recover from failing a college class?

How many classes can a student fail before they are not able to succeed? Can a student recover from a few failed classes after retaking them and getting a better grade? What happens when you take a class that cannot be retaken because it is above 3000, but you need it to succeed? Can I...

Chantella’s Avatar
Chantella Jan 16, 2018 951 views

What are some study tips you would have for a college student. #student #love nursing

Need help with studying #student #love-of-science

Madelyn’s Avatar
Madelyn Mar 05, 2018 680 views

How can I afford college if I don't have anyone to help me get loans?

Both of my parents have very bad credit due to my father going to jail multiple times. Because of this, I am worried that I won't be able to get loans for college. I have no one to cosign for me and I can only get around $5500 through the federal government. #financial-aid #college #loans...

Mariam’s Avatar
Mariam Jan 16, 2018 1062 views

How important are extracurriculars to grad school?

In high school, extracurricular clubs and activities are a big part of college applications. When applying for grad school, is this the same way? Or do grad schools just look for consistently high grades? #grades #extracurriculars #grad #graduate-school ##gradschool #graduateschool...

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Jan 16, 2018 653 views

How will I avoid debt?

I'm planning on majoring in computer science and while I know this is a growing field and it pays well, I want to take as many measures as possible so I am not in debt when I'm older.

#money #success #student-debt

Miranda’s Avatar
Miranda Jan 17, 2018 1177 views

As a future first-generation college student, what advice could be given to me for my daily life in college?


Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 22, 2018 574 views

Is it better to have more student loans from an amazing quality college or less student loans from an average college?

I am just wondering which would be smarter? Do I invest my money in a good college or do I try to stay away from debt? ##studentloans

Desiree’s Avatar
Desiree Jan 17, 2018 609 views

What characteristics differentiate an average versus an excellent student?

As a student athlete who will soon be playing at the collegiate level along with pursuing the medical field, it is important that I am capable of being an excellent student and am able to balance both my sports and my studies


Jodie’s Avatar
Jodie Feb 13, 2017 1405 views

What are good jobs to get you started and help you to build confidence?

I would like to soon apply for a job. I'm 17 years old and have not previously had any work, I'm also quite a quiet person so would like a job thats not overwhelming, but that still offers good experience and is of a relatively good pay for a few days a week (I need the time to relax, as well...

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Jan 16, 2018 665 views

Is grad school worth it?

What are the pros and cons of grad school? I'm thinking about majoring in occupational therapy- with that major, how seriously should I be thinking about grad school?
#graduate-school #occupational-therapy

Kirsten’s Avatar
Kirsten May 11, 2016 763 views

What is the best way to approach being an Occupational Therapist?

I am going into becoming an Occupational Therapist. #occupational-therapy

Dariyelle’s Avatar
Dariyelle May 12, 2016 1200 views

What is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy?

I am interested in a career with working with people who have disabilities. I want to help people become more independent. I am curious which field I should look into. #doctor #health #physical-therapist #doctorate-degree #physical-therapy #occupational-therapy