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stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie Dec 21, 2022 119 views

What colleges would you recommend for someone interested in criminal psychology?

I'm currently in high school, and i enjoy learning about the minds behind criminals, and why they did what they did.

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 379 views

Sub-fields of Psychiatry...

While researching the career field, I found out that there are sub-fields of psychiatry. I am aware of the following: - Addiction Psychiatry - Geriatric Psychiatry - Pediatric Psychiatry - Neuropsychiatry What do these sub-fields mean? Are there other sub-fields I should be aware of? How does...

Alessia’s Avatar
Alessia Jun 09, 2022 299 views

how to keep going

what's the best way to keep going and working while fighting depression and anxiety?

Selah’s Avatar
Selah Oct 06, 2018 422 views

What is the best way to find and maintain a mentor in my field of mental health?

I am interested in Music Therapy. #music #health #psychology #career

Elmmie’s Avatar
Elmmie Nov 10, 2021 214 views

Where can I get an internship in South Africa?

I am a very outgoing person who is currently studying psychology and I love music #music #psychology

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie Sep 21, 2021 255 views

What classes in high school should I take for a career in psychology?

I am a junior so I have one more year for choosing classes, but I am not quite sure what classes are a priority to take especially with limited room in my schedule.
#high-school #psychology #student

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Oct 08, 2021 325 views

Where can I work as a Criminal Behavior Analyst in South Carolina?

#psychology #criminal-justice

Mbalentle’s Avatar
Mbalentle Mar 04, 2021 353 views

I want to become an OB not an GNY so what do i do

Im caring and i love new born babies #health #psychology

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus Nov 03, 2020 280 views

What other healthcare professionals do you work with?


Surya’s Avatar
Surya Oct 24, 2019 609 views

Recent graduate with a degree in business to counseling/ psychology masters

Hi!! So I just graduated with an undergrad degree in business marketing and entrepreneurship this past june. I've been able to work full time in marketing agencies and companies throughout college and have about 2 years experience in this field and I'm leaning that this was not the best fit/...

Aimee’s Avatar
Aimee Nov 22, 2019 623 views

What benefits are there to becoming a Behavior Specialist?

I am a single mom and want to return to school for the first time since graduating high school in 2005. I want to become a behavior specialist specializing in autism.
#school #college #psychology #student #autism

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Nov 20, 2019 372 views

What schooling is required to be any type of social worker?

#social-work #social-worker #psychology #social #work

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Nov 14, 2019 364 views

What are some good ways to get on-the-job training with forensic psychology with little to no experience

I'm a junior perusing a bachelors in Psychology. I'd like to obtain my Masters in Forensic psychology next. What is a good way for me to start gaining experience in the field with no related work experience? #psychology #forensic #career #counseling-psychology

Kirsten’s Avatar
Kirsten Nov 14, 2019 524 views

What other careers include psychology other than a therapist?

I loved being in psychology classes and learning about it, but I don’t think a therapist would be a good career for me. #psychology #clinical-psychology #therapy #therapist

Aimaya’s Avatar
Aimaya Sep 25, 2019 273 views

What is a typical day being a Psycologist like?

#psychology #science