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Angela May 20, 2023 587 views

What classes t take or neuroscience / biomedical enginnering major ?

I am 16, currently in 10th grade. I have selected AP Micro, AP Stats, and AP Seminar for my 11th-grade year, and I have chosen Environmental Science as a science class. I had planned to take a business major but I am also conflicted as I want to take a neuroscience or biomedical engineering...

Anahi’s Avatar
Anahi May 18, 2023 280 views

how much money would I make as a business major?

I'm currently living in Michigan, but I plan to move to Florida in 3 years. The thing is that currently I'm a financially independent college student who comes from a low-income family, so I really need to know the answer to this question as my financial income is really important

Aurora’s Avatar
Aurora May 15, 2023 312 views

How do I start equine ocupational theripy?

Me and my mom were coming up with ideas and This job I am really wanting to go into. I have ideas of helping kids learn with horses by their side. I want to know if there is somthing I should know befor going to collage. Any classes that whould help me get to my job. I have a horse aready. I...

Tianna’s Avatar
Tianna May 17, 2023 414 views

Care to share info about FinTech?

I came across FinTech - Financial Technology - recently. Seems like a huge industry (with a lot of areas), and the field might provide work that I want to do. What are some common career paths in FinTech? Are there any roles that have low and/or high appeal? What background experience is...

Chris’s Avatar
Chris May 18, 2023 288 views

How can I make money?

I want dont want to ever have to worry about not having money.

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla May 16, 2023 351 views

How do I start a digital art business and promote my brand where it is known and I could get more customers?

I am an aspiring Digital artist who would like to start her business at 17 years old. I am going to college for a business degree and since I want to learn independence, I want to start my own business for my anime and digital art. Once my business grows I want to start giving my customers...

emily’s Avatar
emily May 17, 2023 249 views

What classes would you recommend for someone interested in the music industry?

this question is important to know because i don't want to be stuck with taking classes i'm not gonna need the career i'm going to want in the future.

Eric’s Avatar
Eric May 17, 2023 519 views

How can I find a part-time accounting job while attending college?

Im currently an accounting student at Santa Monica College transferring to a four-year university this fall 2023. I have completed both Financial and Managerial accounting courses and information systems courses that emphasize Microsoft Excel.

oriana’s Avatar
oriana May 31, 2022 439 views

What or who keeps you motivated?

What keeps you fulfilled during your work hours ?

Renugadevi’s Avatar
Renugadevi Jul 03, 2016 1101 views

i like to start a new business in india. pls suggest me some ideas..

suggest me some ideas to start a new business. what kind of businees we can start that can be sutiable for the people.. #business #business-development

Bailey’s Avatar
Bailey Jan 18, 2018 1438 views

What is the job outlook for elementary school teachers in Kentucky?

I want to become an elementary school teacher.
#teaching #teacher #kentucky #primary-education