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Atwater, California

Within 40 mile radius
Kuljit’s Avatar
Kuljit Jun 09, 2023 350 views

What is a good pathway in order to get into a cybersecurity pathway?

I will be entering my freshman year at UC Berkeley this fall and am earning a GIAC certification over the summer. My dream has always been to enter cybersecurity and I want to learn how to effectively join the community as a changemaker.

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Jun 09, 2023 268 views

What does anybody have to say about the first step into college I know it might be different for everyone but how was your experience and how should I go about my own experience to maybe make it easier on my self.

Is there any strategies that you have used or maybe just what did you do in general to help out with your experience?

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jun 09, 2023 332 views

What factors should be taken into consideration when trying to maintain financial stability during the transition to college? #spring23

After completing their transition from high-school to college, many students wish they knew certain things beforehand. While it can be common knowledge to some people, various students have no choice but to learn certain things through experience because they’re first generation students.

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jun 09, 2023 258 views

What does it take to become a successful marketing manager?

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in marketing or in something related, how can one make themselves stand out from the rest the marketing world?

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 30, 2023 207 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter the electrical field?

practice and steps

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 30, 2023 279 views

What are the values the electrical companies uphold that make employees want to work for you??

Values and beliefs

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 30, 2023 208 views

What are some attributes that construction workers need to possess to thrive?

Characteristics, abilities, skills

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel May 23, 2023 242 views

how long does one project take ?

i am asking because i like to move on projects fast .

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel May 23, 2023 297 views

Whats the highest I will go on a building as a construction worker ?

im asking because im scared of hights

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel May 23, 2023 222 views

whats the max i get paid for construction ?

i have kids

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel May 23, 2023 184 views

what does a typical day look like for an electrian?

thank you for your answers

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel May 23, 2023 174 views

What steps should i take before becoming an Electrician?

Thank you for your answers!

Cavion’s Avatar
Cavion May 16, 2023 213 views

How much money do people get that work for NeathRealm studios or similar?

Thank you for your answers

Cavion’s Avatar
Cavion May 16, 2023 292 views

What would help me get hired by a video game company?

I am kinda hoping NetheRealm Studios would take me or a really good video game company.

Cavion’s Avatar
Cavion May 16, 2023 249 views

What should I expect as a Computer and Information System Manager ?

I am a guy that wants to try going for this type of job and wondering if it's going to be a great experience for me

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