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Oceanside, California

Within 40 mile radius
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alyna yesterday 235 views

What is the day of a Behavior Analyst working for the FBI like?

I'm curious and want to gain inside knowledge of what it's like before I pursue this career! Is it scary, exciting, rewarding, dangerous? How long did it take to become a behavior analyst for the FBI? Was it hard? I'm trying real hard to dig deep into this career and anything will help!

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Keira Jun 17 436 views

New start up in Science Field.

Hello all, I am a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry), I'm exploring potential career paths within the scientific field. My current role as a certified nursing assistant has provided valuable clinical experience, but I'm now interested in identifying...

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Brock May 29 404 views

How should I spend/save my money as an 18-year-old in the US military?

I'm almost a year in the service and I still don't have a credit card or a vehicle.

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addison May 22 276 views

where can i get the best film maker in college?

filming tips

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Deanna May 22 435 views

What colleges have majors that would help me to become a programmer?

What colleges have majors that would help me to become a programmer?

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Yasmin May 21 260 views

What are some colleges that will help me get a degree in forensic scientist?

in California

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Victoria May 21 124 views

Is it too soon to study for the dietetics exam Still a junior.?

How soon and what are good study materials leading up to the exam. #spring24

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria May 21 215 views

For those trying to be a dietitian, what is a good way to find a mentor ?

Looking for someone that can be mine, thank you.

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Alex May 20 758 views

How am I able to obtain a CPA with an accounting minor and a major in marketing, what are the requirements? Can you explain how I can build an accounting portfolio to get a high paying job? Do I have hope for that even with a minor?

I am currently a senior, trying to figure out how to build a portfolio in accounting to obtain a good job if marketing doesn’t work. I am confident in my major as I’ve built up a portfolio for it but the entry level pay may not be good. I appreciate your support and advice!

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Breanna May 17 425 views

Are there any medical professionals that I can interview quickly?

I have to interview any kind of doctor/ healthcare worker for an English paper in my class, so I’d greatly appreciate a few answers to include in my assignment: 1) please tell me about your educational and professional background, and why you wanted to go into the medical field. 2) what are...

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LAURA May 12 335 views

How do I get started as a nurse with different experiences?

I used to want to be a pharmacist. I graduated a four year university and my grades weren't that good so I need to go to community college to retake some classes. I finally got a job as a pharmacy clerk after 3 years of unemployment after graduation, and I'm also a pharmacy volunteer at a...

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Bernard Apr 29 409 views

What are the step no overcome procrastination?

Procrastination is known for time wastage

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kendra Apr 22 382 views

what is the best busiines model?

business model tips

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Bryan Apr 20 432 views

Looking to interview a Veterinarian for a college assignment?

Are there any Vets out there that can assist me in answering these questions? 1. Can you share a little bit about your background, education, and what led you to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine? 2. Could you provide an overview of the typical responsibilities of a Veterinarian? 3....

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Apr 20 460 views

What school would be the best option to work in the government ?

Hello, I currently got accepted to both SDSU and UCSD but don’t know what school to chose. If I got to SDSU I’ll be majoring in public administration and if I go to UCSD political science. My goal is to first become a sheriff and move my way up to the federal level. What school would be the...

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