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Rohnert Park, California

Within 40 mile radius
Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Jun 12 722 views

What is the best way to start networking?

Hello! I just finished my junior year of high school. With senior year coming up, I want to start networking more with professionals in jobs I am interested in. I have to admit, I am not the most extroverted person out there, and I want some tips!

Anonymous Moose’s Avatar
Anonymous Moose Jun 09 318 views

How do I pass an interview?

I've done multiple interviews, I'm on a rejection streak, and I am in the dumps because of it. It seems to me like my resume and application is good enough to be offered an interview but when it comes to the interview, I choke up. I know everyone says to just be yourself, but i don't know how...

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Jun 08 485 views

What would be some potential careers for someone interested in mechanical engineering?

I am interested in mechanical engineering and am planning to major in it. I value challenges, problem solving, and creating positive change. I am relatively skilled at utilizing digital software and tools.

Myles’s Avatar
Myles May 29 220 views

What jobs in law enforcement, have a mix of physical and mental labor?

If there's an in between in law enforcement where I can be physical and dormant doing computer work will fit my style of work perfectly. I like to have a balance between the two, so I'm not lacking heavily in one department than the other.

Myles’s Avatar
Myles May 29 296 views

How does one manage juggle two jobs as a nurse and someone involved in law enforcement?

I'm interested in Nursing and law enforcement, but I don't know how to come buy it because I'm interested in both occupations. If there's any way to manage both occupations any information woul be helpful.

Myles’s Avatar
Myles May 29 245 views

How do I become involved in law enforcement?

I am 21 years old and I'm interested in law enforcement because I have many family members in it, I just don't know where to start with my career.

Daphne’s Avatar
Daphne Apr 28 352 views

Are M.D./Ph.D. (neuroscience specifically) programs worth it ?

I'm currently a high school senior. I already committed to a college and I'll be majoring in neurobiology but I wanted to get some advice from others to see if an M.D./Ph.D. program after undergrad is the way to go (or if just getting an M.D. is better) so that I can start preparing for it. I...

Sakura’s Avatar
Sakura Apr 02 421 views

Rejected of two rounds of applications and interviews for Counseling Practicum?

I am a master's student in Art therapy and Marriage and Family Therapy. Our program requires more than 750 hours and requires at least 500 of those hours to use art therapy with clients; the rest can be talk therapy. So, there are limited practicum sites that I can apply for. There are limited...

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Feb 18 1214 views

is it hard working a full-time job?

is it hard working a full-time job if it is tell me thanks.

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Feb 14 835 views

In terms of applying to graduate school, would my chances for admission be higher with a Master's degree?

I am a psychology major and graduating in the Fall of 2025. I've been looking to clinical psychology PhD programs, but some programs don't require a Master's degree for admission. However, I don't know if that would make me less competitive when applying. If I could avoid 2-3 additional years...

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Feb 14 689 views

How should college students reach out to professors for letters of recommendation ?

I am a second-year psychology student and while I have received letters of recommendation from staff, asking professors seems a bit daunting. Is there a way to ask that would be received better? When applying to multiple opportunities is there a limit to how much time so should ask them to...

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Feb 11 889 views

Why is it hard to know what you want in life/?

I'm having hard time to know what I really want in my life

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Feb 04 344 views

Is working a full-time job that hard ?

Is working a full-time job that hard ?

Yvetta’s Avatar
Yvetta Jan 24 987 views

Help please want to become a Librarian?

Hi! I am Yvetta a 56-year-old female of color looking to become a librarian where should I start with my education?

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Jan 09 692 views

Is it possible to get into college from elementary school?

elementary school level.

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