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phoebe’s Avatar
phoebe Jan 22, 2018 413 views

what is the best for me?

I'm currently in high school ,and i'm not sure what career is best for me. i'm interested in animals,art, the human mind, dissection..uh fish breeding? heh i don't want to be stuck in a office, i want to do something exciting and fun ?
#careerpath #dontknowwhattodo

Corina’s Avatar
Corina May 27, 2021 262 views

What non-research careers do you recommend for linguistics majors?

I'm currently studying English and Linguistics and hear a lot about the research aspect of linguistics studies. I am curious how to apply linguistics to careers that involve working with people. #teaching #linguistics #people

Sidney’s Avatar
Sidney Aug 03, 2015 1015 views

What is the difference between Psychology and Sociology

I would just like to know the difference. #sociology #pyschology

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Sep 01, 2017 2472 views

I'm a graphic designer, but I can't draw. Will this hurt me?

I'm a graphic designer (think layouts, typography graphics, and aesthetic designs) but I've never been able to draw. Seeing as that's a big part of designing, will this hurt me in a real world setting? Might be important to note that I do actually also have a background in photography, so I...

Niya’s Avatar
Niya Jan 22, 2018 741 views

Does Software Engineering require a lot of math?

I'm a part of the ITA academy in my school and I'm still deciding on what I want my career to be, I'm curious if Software Engineering requires a lot of math, I'm oookaay at math but not the best so I just wanted to know if there is a lot of math involved. Also I want to know if being a Software...

Daphne’s Avatar
Daphne Oct 27 154 views

What classes should I take to major in neuroscience?

What classes should I take if I want to major in neuroscience? (currently a high school student -- my goal is to become a neurosurgeon in the future).

Maricela’s Avatar
Maricela Jan 22, 2018 538 views

Is it harder to become an actor/actress as an adult?

I know there's a lot of casting companies who come around for children or teenagers to be in commercials and start off acting that way. But I am almost 17 and I can't afford to go to the acting programs offered for me. So my question is, is it harder for opportunities like this as you reach age...

M’s Avatar
M Apr 28, 2018 496 views

Are there any scholarships or grants that cover my mental health services fees?

I suffer from acute anxiety and I would love to keep my current therapist to help me with the transition from being a full time worker to being a full time student. I'd like to know if there is any money available to cover this necessary service. #mentalhealth #anxiety #undocumented

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Jan 22, 2018 461 views

What career choice should I choose?

I am a junior in high school and don't know what to do after high school.#careerchoice

marie’s Avatar
marie Oct 30, 2016 805 views

Is it difficult to find a job as a cosmetic chemist?

Just wondering! #chemistry #cosmetics

Deanicia’s Avatar
Deanicia Oct 28, 2016 53287 views

When asked the question, "Why do you want this job" what's the best way to respond?

When I apply, this is the most common question, however, I do not really know what they expect in an answer. #science #technology #mathematics #interviews #interview-questions #job-application

milo’s Avatar
milo Oct 12, 2017 689 views

What are some good monologues for college auditions?

I am in the process of preparing to audition for school. #theatre #musical-theatre #college #auditions #theater #school

jeberiah’s Avatar
jeberiah Jun 29 153 views

I am interested in becoming a police officer

#1: What are the values your company upholds that makes them employers that you want to work for?

#2: What values does a company look for in a person they are hiring?

#3: How do you stay motivated as a police officer day-by-day?

Kim’s Avatar
Kim May 27, 2016 602 views

When should you expect a letter about your acceptance or if you've been turned down by a college?

If I was turned down by all of the colleges I applied for, would I have enough time to try to get into another one? How much time is there before senior year ends before I could find out? #college #university

James’s Avatar
James Jan 22, 2018 555 views

How do I get scholarships ?

I want o go to college. #college

Jerry’s Avatar
Jerry Apr 12 232 views

What skills, training, or certification do I need to get started in a career for network security

I'm looking for a way to get a career in networking security but I just don't know where or how to start do I need to look for an internship for networking or something?

pedro’s Avatar
pedro Jan 22, 2018 739 views

What are good careers surrounding the geology field

Geology has always caught my interest because rocks and the earth have fascinated me. Just all the different sizes and colors they give and the sound you can hear from them, the ways they resonate with different materials when they come in contact or tap each other. #geology...

Ajani’s Avatar
Ajani Aug 13, 2018 390 views

How can I be sure that college will help me get a profitable career or land internships?

There is a lot of talk that degrees don't mean as much as they used to. How can I guarantee a comfortable potential job/career? #career #college-major #career-path

Javier’s Avatar
Javier Jan 22, 2018 1724 views

I want to pursue a career with animals. Help?

For all my life I wanted to work with animals. However I don't know exactly what to do in it. Sometimes I wanted to be a host on an animal show just like Steve Irwin or Coyote Peterson. Sometimes I want to be just a simple wildlife conservationist. Sometimes I just want to work at an animal...

Kalen’s Avatar
Kalen Sep 29, 2021 299 views

Where could I intern for computer science with no experience?

I am a 17 year old black young man looking for a career and experience in the computer science/ computer programming field. #computer #computer-science #computer-programming

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 09, 2014 1668 views

What kind of jobs are there working for a food magazine?

I would like to work for a food magazine, but I don't know what kind of jobs there are. Ideally, I'd like to work as a food photographer (if there even is such a thing) or layout editor, but I'd like to know what other jobs there are. #photography #food #editor #magazine #food-styling #page-layout

Jeremiah’s Avatar
Jeremiah Jul 31, 2021 211 views

Is being a orthodontist a rewarding job?

I can read French and play the piano, and would like a career that gives me a sense of accomplishment. #job #career

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Jan 07 247 views

Does anyone know of any physician assistant shadowing opportunities?

I am an aspiring physician assistant; I graduated college in December with a bachelor's degree in biological sciences. I am applying for PA school in just a few months. I have been searching for months and months on end for shadowing opportunities; however, due to COVID, I have been...

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jan 22, 2018 876 views

what does "A-XMP" do for my computer?

I'm a high school student who is still new to the tech world, i recently build my own computer with an MSI b350m GAMING PRO SERIES. I overclocked my build but still have no idea what "A-XMP" does so i didn't fiddle with it. Also please explain answer as simple as possible... THANKS :)

Najla’s Avatar
Najla Aug 26, 2018 547 views

For someone who doesn’t know what they want or expect from their future, what advice can you give?

I’ve never really had a professional interest in subjects. Yes, I enjoy leaning about the unknown so astronomy and marine biology would seem too of my list but, is that what is meant for me? Though I enjoy the subject, I’m not sure if that’s the path I should be taking. #undecided #astronomy...

Sahil’s Avatar
Sahil Jan 22, 2018 590 views

Does doing double major in tech academy at High School worth it?

I am a Junior in H.S. right now i am thinking about doing a double major in my tech academy, they have a guaranteed internship if you do this. But i am thinking if its worth it. Two tech classes back to back for the whole senior year. I take college classes at my nearest community college, so i...

Jalaal’s Avatar
Jalaal Mar 05, 2019 494 views

How important is independent/outside learning when majoring in Computer Science?

#computer-science #science #computer #computer-programming #computer-engineering #tech#major

Fernando’s Avatar
Fernando Dec 20, 2017 673 views

I want to be a youtuber and go to college. What college can I go to?

I want to become a YouTuber (Blogger, Musical Artist, and Actor)and I know you don't need to attend college for that. But I actually want to go to college. What college can I go to? #college #youtube #career #influencing #social-media

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Apr 23, 2018 662 views

What was the hardest parts of college? and why?

literally any struggles during college that you had #struggles #college #hard #money #procrastination #life

Carolina’s Avatar
Carolina May 27, 2018 468 views

I'm currently struggling to fit everything I want to do into my schedule, so I was wondering what colleges see as best in an applicant: having a job, volunteering, or taking JC classes?


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