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Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

Within 40 mile radius
Walker’s Avatar
Walker Apr 30 385 views

What does a film director do?

How do I start building the skills needed to be a film director?

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Apr 25 341 views

How can I decide whether to transition to elementary teaching from the mental health counseling profession?

For as long as I can remember, I have gone back and forth between the two careers. I even have master's degrees in both fields, so I am technically qualified to do either. I have only ever worked in the mental health field though. I never really made the jump to being an elementary teacher....

Keely’s Avatar
Keely Mar 20 448 views

What are good colleges in Pennsylvania for pursuing a genetic counseling career? Are online college courses possibly a better, more affordable, option?

I'm an 11th grade high school student just curious on how to wisely start my career path, with the thought of affordability, and later debt in mind. Traveling too far for college seems like a hassle as well. Possibly, I could find some good advice on this?

Alessandra’s Avatar
Alessandra Mar 08 860 views

What all do athletic trainers do?

Im curious what all there is to athletic training. It is my dream career and I am currently looking deeper into it as I am a sophomore in high school (with possible early graduation by a year) and hoping to learn some more about this career. How are you treated as an athletic trainer? What do...

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Alessandra Mar 07 1087 views

What advice do you have for people in high school who want to be athletic trainers?

What is your biggest advice for those who want to be athletic trainers but are still in high school? Advice on majors? Colleges? Job-Shadowing? Anything else? Any help or answers are much appreciated!

Alessandra’s Avatar
Alessandra Mar 07 564 views

How do I reach out to job shadow athletic training for baseball?

What do I do to find someone to job shadow in athletic training, but I'm still in high school? (Particularly baseball if possible at all)

Lourdes’s Avatar
Lourdes Feb 27 2120 views

When is it too late to fill out the FAFSA for the 24-25 school year?

When is it too late to fill out the FAFSA for the 2024-2025 college year? I haven't out in my college application yet, and I'm not sure if I do the application before or after FAFSA.

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Feb 19 473 views

Master's or PhD for Marine Biologist?

Hi! I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Biology. I am also conducting water conservation undergrad research and conducting my own research projects is something I really enjoy. Ultimately, I want my graduate degree in Marine Biology and to conduct hands on research on coral reefs. I...

Milo’s Avatar
Milo Feb 16 709 views

How to figure out what I want to do?

I want to work in the arts field. I am just struggling on what to focus in on. I have theatrical and singing training, but I have a huge passion for fine art too. I want to pursue both but I’m not sure how to balance it.

Tymirah’s Avatar
Tymirah Jan 04 778 views

I think it will be best if I got to collage and to do thing the good ways to do stuff and think stuff will be right for everything and everyone that what I think it will be and not in every way ?

And that the right thing I think if u go to collage and u get the help that u need to get i think that will be right way to si stuff and be better for it

Daynah’s Avatar
Daynah Dec 27, 2023 476 views

how can I be very productive in college to be a kindergarten teacher?

Basically what are some struggles that i should be aware of in college and getting into the career

Marianela’s Avatar
Marianela Dec 22, 2023 785 views

What class am I supposed to take in high school for criminal justice?

Want to be a criminal justice lawyer cause lmao money and sounds fun and good at it

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Dec 12, 2023 487 views

How do I make goals for myself in highschool to prepare me for college ?

I am 17 years old and I have plenty of opportunities. I have an internship with an animal hospital and I am financially stable. For some reason I cannot figure out what I want to do or create any goals for myself and this has become a problem. It’s slowing me down in school work because I see...

Moses’s Avatar
Moses Dec 10, 2023 439 views

How can I get into/prepare for a career in cybersecurity as a 10th grader?

Should I look into internships, jobs, classes, certificates? Is there any recommended ways of learning cybersecurity online? What are cybersecurity companies (or anyone hiring for cybersecurity) looking for in applicants?

Yanifer’s Avatar
Yanifer Dec 06, 2023 333 views

How can I get a job at 14 when the laws are so strict?

Where I live I can only work 3 after-school hours so roughly from 3pm to 6pm and 8 hours on weekends. Also only 6 consecutive days. I've been applying and I have a work permit but I'm finding it hard to find a job that can meet these requirements or just simply hire at 14. Help.

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