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Richard Smith

Design Partner at 11:22 Creative Design | Chairperson for Rio Rancho Arts Commission
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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Khloe’s Avatar
Khloe Nov 12 180 views

How did you know what career you wanted to be In?

I know a couple of things I want to be, but how do I know if any of them are the right choice?

Mario’s Avatar
Mario Nov 12 81 views

Why is this important?

Why is it important to know these things and why should I know them and how will they help in the future life.

zoey’s Avatar
zoey Nov 12 85 views

how to know what career to follow?

Career tips?

Spencer’s Avatar
Spencer Jun 02, 2021 355 views

What programs are most favorable when becoming a graphic designer?

What are the best programs to when working as a graphic/digital designer? #graphic-design #graphics #media

Elios Ephraim’s Avatar
Elios Ephraim Oct 30 105 views

What degrees do I need to be a college psychology professor?

I know I need a masters at least, preferably a bachelor's, but I don't know if I need a teaching degree or not.

evan’s Avatar
evan Oct 31 195 views

How much money do Marines make and is it worth it ?

Ive always wanted to be in the marine corps but now that i have gotten older i started to think about the problems and issues with being in the marine corps. For example whats the money like and is it really worth it to join or not.

Dillon’s Avatar
Dillon Oct 31 90 views

What would be the best automotive job to start off with?

I love automotive I just dont know what job or career to start off with for my whole life ive been waiting to do automotive to get a job in automotive to get the job.

damyrick’s Avatar
damyrick Nov 01 102 views

how much does carpenters get paid and how is in on the job

what are things carpenters do on the daily job

Tyzeric’s Avatar
Tyzeric Nov 01 92 views

How does a painter get their day ready for work?

How does a painter get their day ready for work?

Aliz’s Avatar
Aliz Nov 03 72 views

What is it like to do art?

I love to do art it is nice and relaxing

makala’s Avatar
makala Sep 30 128 views

how do I decide what I want to do with my life? I know I want to go to college but how do I decide where? ? ?

Im go to fort king middle school and I am in 8th grade and I Know I want to go to college but I don't know where. I know that I want to help people and I know what I don't want to work in the Hospital. Some of my interests are crossfit and I love volleyball. I also love drawing and I love...

Heaven’s Avatar
Heaven Nov 03 93 views

What path can I take if I want to go into dermatology but the years for education are shorter?

I want to be able to get into dermatology but I am struggling to commit because I do not want to go through 12-14 years of education. Are there any other roles similar to dermatology that require fewer years? I am not interested in estheticians, however

Josie’s Avatar
Josie Nov 03 94 views

What schools are good to go to be an interior designer and decorator that is a passion I think I would like to pursue more but I’m not sure what I need to study?

What schools are good to go to be an interior designer and decorator? that is a passion I think I would like to pursue more but I’m not sure what I need to study.

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Oct 31 108 views

How can I make more money online?

How can I push my carrer out to more people?.

Jayce’s Avatar
Jayce Oct 31 102 views

Hello! I am a sophomore in high school currently gathering information on an electrical engineer. Is anyone willing to let me interview them?

These are the questions needed to be responded to: Interviewee’s specific degree: Interviewee’s place of employment: Please describe your engineering field. What is your current job title? Please describe your particular job and duties. What is your average work schedule? Starting with high...