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mateo Feb 26 377 views

As 11th grader,I can't seem to figure out what career path?

As an 11th grader, I can't seem to figure out what career path to choose even after trying so hard?
I'm in 11th right now with medical stream as my father wants me to become a doctor but i don't think I want to become a doctor?

Estrella’s Avatar
Estrella Dec 17, 2023 235 views

Why is college necessary in some states?

is it to get a possible better life or have a better education?

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Dec 16, 2023 338 views

What strategies have proven effective for professionals in your particular field to achieve long-term career success, and how can I integrate them into my own career development plan?

I am a current sophomore in high school. I enjoy helping others and am interested in doing something in law or possibly healthcare.

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Dec 06, 2023 175 views

BBest colleges and majors?

What would be the best architectural colleges? What would be the best majors if I wanted to be a historical restoration architect?

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Nov 07, 2023 202 views

How do you choose your majors and the college you want to attend?

I am a High School Sophomore and my Career Management teacher has us selecting what college we want to attend with our majors. I say that it is best to map out your plan for your major, try to narrow down the colleges, read some reviews, ask people that you know attend(ed) the college, and see...

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Oct 10, 2023 349 views

What is the best way to find merit-based scholarships?

I am thinking of going out of state for college because I like the architecture program set up at Virginia Tech, compared to in-state schools. I fall outside of the financial aid category for college but out-of-state tuition is still costly and I would like to know where to find more...

Karla’s Avatar
Karla Sep 08, 2023 330 views

What major for interests in sustainable/alternative/nuclear power engineering/generation, sustainable urban planning, architecture, research, material science, civil infrastructure...?

Hello! I am a high school senior trying to apply to colleges and figure out my major, but I feel very indecisive. I'd like to have opportunities to research and develop new technologies and alternative energies!! Maybe even in a nuclear plant!? And also solutions to dealing with nuclear waste...

adrienne’s Avatar
adrienne Aug 22, 2023 474 views

What is the best course of action when I figure out that I don't want to do R&D as a 4th year STEM major?

I have been doing undergraduate research all summer and this job is too unorganized and too isolated for me to feel satisfied. I am a material science & engineering major with a passion for doing something good in the world but I don't know how I want to do that good.

Selena’s Avatar
Selena Jul 23, 2023 698 views

What did you do with your chemistry degree ?

Im wondering if going for chemistry is worth it? What do you do now with a chemistry degree and are you happy?

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Jul 20, 2023 218 views

How do you know what to do as a career?

How does someone know what they want to do or what they want to be after high school? The only thing that I have a somewhat decent grasp of is math, but other than that how do I find what's best for me?

Vivienne’s Avatar
Vivienne Jul 17, 2023 358 views

What level of College education do you suggest future astrophysicists need to be successful in their career path? Why is this level of education necessary?

I'm a young student who wants to pursue a career in space science, specifically astrophysics. Stem is very important to me and I want to know what level of college education will allow me to be the most successful.

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Jul 08, 2023 354 views

Career paths for someone who likes art, engineering, and writing?

I am a 10th grader and I really like those things. It's just I don't know what I could do as a job.

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Jun 30, 2023 191 views

What are some ways to get scholarships for college?

I don't want to be in a whole lot of student debt so I'm looking for ways to get scholarships.

Fidel’s Avatar
Fidel May 16, 2023 193 views

1: Did you do any jobs during college and university related to your career? 2: What college/training program did you go to and what influenced your choice?

9th grade interview assignment

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Apr 18, 2023 352 views

What are the minimum hours for a week of work in electrical engineering ? ?

I was just curious about how flexible and/or how much free time I would get at a full time job in this industry.