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Bianirys’s Avatar
Bianirys May 02, 2023 440 views

How can I combine my passions in a future career path?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am 15 years old. My favorite class is math but i also like to major in dance although I think I want to try cosmetology.

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Apr 27, 2023 704 views

What are the basic questions I should ask my advisor as I enter my career field (business in general)?

I'm planning on attending community college this fall for general business with an associates degree. I want to own a small business online. Although a certificate is not required, I do want to know what I'm getting into owning a small business. I'll be setting up an appointment with my advisor...

Halle-Anna’s Avatar
Halle-Anna Apr 27, 2023 391 views

Did you change your career path to something completely opposite of what you were planning to at first? What made you realize that your first choice was not for you?

I am about enter my fist year of college to become a RN, however I am aware of the prerequisites that I need to complete starting my first year before I can choose my nursing major. I am worried because I'm not completely sure if I would like to become a nurse. And by the third year of college,...

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Apr 27, 2023 673 views

Which college would be better to go to?

I'm currently deciding between two colleges right now, Binghamton University and University of Colorado Boulder. I'm leaning towards Boulder however I don't know if leaving New York would grant me the same opportunities as Colorado would. My hope is to go into the film industry but I'm going to...

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Apr 25, 2023 818 views

As a junior in the 11th grade, what can I do to increase my chances of a great school?

I know I'm supposed to do good in my essays, but how, what exactly screams "We got to take this applicant in"? Also, what am I supposed to do during the summer? I'm already doing a college mentoring program during the summer but I have no idea if that helps my resume.

Ur’s Avatar
Ur Apr 23, 2023 428 views

What are the best classes to help get into college?

I want to go to law school

ISAIAH’s Avatar
ISAIAH Apr 12, 2023 383 views

What benefits can I get from video production editing?

I am a senior in high school

riz’s Avatar
riz Apr 16, 2023 797 views

How can someone always have success during their career?

How can one always succeed in their career. Is there a certain thought process people give themselves every day to help them strive? What are the steps to not giving up and staying with motivation when things go wrong?

FAITH’s Avatar
FAITH Apr 14, 2023 823 views

what jobs can you get with a communications major ?

just want to know

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Apr 14, 2023 486 views

What kind of classes should I take in high school to get knowledge that I might need in this career?

I just want to know what kinds of courses I can possibly take next year (11th grade) to start to figure out if criminology and forensics is really the path that I want to take in the future. I have always been interested in science and knowing the history behind how things happen and how they...

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 11, 2023 601 views

What's the most valuable lesson after you graduate college?

this could be in a more general sense, but I just want any answer, this could be more in a philosophical way.

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Apr 04, 2023 768 views

I love art, but I don't think it is wise to major in it because of the low variety of jobs with this career. What would be some alternate options to continue my love and my personal education in art without a bachelors in it.

Could anyone have any thoughts on how to help my dilemma?

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Feb 28, 2023 721 views

What are the pros & cons of being a plumber? What is a tip you would give to everyone who wants to be a plumber? ?

Why did you want to be a plumber? What inspires you to go to work every day?

Brynn’s Avatar
Brynn Mar 26, 2023 481 views

How do I figure out what I want to be when I’m older based off of what I like to do?

I know I like to make people happy, I like getting what I want and I’m pretty good at it (not in a bratty way), I like helping people, and I like accomplishing things. I just don’t know what career these things turn out to be.

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Mar 23, 2023 390 views

What is post-grad, and how do I approach on going to one after getting my bachelors ?

I just wanted to know how this works because I don't really understand it.