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Michael Leibrandt, CCT, CNS-D, VSE, CDCA’s Avatar

Michael Leibrandt, CCT, CNS-D, VSE, CDCA

IT Project Manager, Supervisor of Audio/Visual Services, Information Technology Engineer II
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Rac’s Avatar
Rac Oct 29 182 views

What collage should I go to ?

I need help in selecting what collage I should to?How will it affect me?what are the right and wrong I should know.what and who do you recommend for me?

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Oct 02 285 views

What are the best ways to find someone to interview?

Hello! I’m a high school junior looking for someone to interview for my engineering class. The only requirements are that they are from an engineering or tech heavy background although personally i’m very interested in science or programming related fields so that would be preferable. I would...

Quinn’s Avatar
Quinn Sep 16 218 views

What should I do after graduating high school?

I have no idea if I should go to college after I graduate high school. I have some college credits through dual enrollment, with one of them being an intro to engineering credit. I enjoy engineering and programming but I also love music and art. The biggest part of my decision right now is...

Stefan’s Avatar
Stefan Sep 11 101 views

What are you expected to know going into a game development related job? And do you have any resources or tips to help me learn more about coding, game dev, VFX, and anything else i’d need to know?

I’m currently in the S.T.E.M. concentration at my school and i am also on the robotics team. While being in the concentration, i have developed a passions for coding, 3D Modeling and VFX. I am not the best at it which is why i’m coming here for advice. If there’s anything i should know, need to...

hadassa’s Avatar
hadassa Sep 11 107 views

how do i find out what college to go to?

hi i am hadassa i am in grade 10 and i have no clue what college to go to or what i wanna do in my future. i really need some help on that. i really love to act and i love to sing and i love musicals so where would i fit in the most?

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Sep 11 209 views

How can I find a starter engineering job??

How can I find a starter engineering job? I would like to pursue a career in engineering, however as a 16 year old I’m not sure where to start.

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Sep 05 134 views

how do i know college is right for me?

is college worth the money

Evan’s Avatar
Evan Sep 05 148 views

For film majors, what did you struggle the most when taking classes for it?

Are there any interesting experiences with fellow film majors? Any heads up before I should take it or things that you wish you did or knew sooner before majoring in it?

Tatiyana’s Avatar
Tatiyana Jul 27 128 views

What steps am I taking now ?

"What steps am I taking to align my professional goals with the rapidly changing trends and technologies of the future?"

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Aug 27 281 views

What jobs can I get with my credentials?

I have the following credentials: Security Guard Licence NSC First Aid, CPR, & AED Course Card and Certificate OSHA 30 Site Safety Training Card Types of Cyber Security Certificate Bookkeeping Basics Certificate Time Management Certificate Conflict Management Certificate Content Marketing...

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Mar 16 209 views

How would I start my career in IT?

As a college student working in a admin job. I have no prior experience in IT. Where would I start to get an entry level job in IT.

Larry’s Avatar
Larry Jun 30 191 views

how do you deal with college? seriously?

I'm in college right now, and I do well (I have a GPA above 3.7) However, handling these classes are hard. Not the classes itself, but taking 5 classes at the same time. I can manage, in my mind, four courses at a time, Yet I always seem to never really mind the last one. This is not a...

Isha’s Avatar
Isha Aug 23 273 views

Is there still a demand in IT with the emergence of AI?

ai is just scary