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neville’s Avatar
neville May 31 435 views

which career choice is suitable for a creative?

love creative works

Davies’s Avatar
Davies May 25 370 views

How to become successful in art without investing?

I’m a student in 8th grade, I want to be very successful and my listed skills are above please guide me through

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole May 23 339 views

What are some tips for college?

I just finished my freshmen year of college and I am wondering how the next years will be. Should I be focused or worried about anything? I am also a Forensic Psychology major and I don't have a minor yet. Should I be thinking about minors?

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 22 653 views

I want to be a Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor, and Author. Is it possible to do them all?

I’ve seen many people that have done it. Like Kim K. She does so much and so well. I want to know if I can do all the things I love to do and keep a personal life and keep myself from going insane from all the work.

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle May 19 180 views

Why is it Important for people to get a career in order to get job?

Can you have more than one career path in order to get jobs because I think that it's important to have careers that you want to do and I want to become a perfrom

William’s Avatar
William May 19 219 views

How do you work harder to achieve your dreams ?

Why do you need to work hard

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 17 379 views

what is a good job to keep in mind for someone who wishes to have a hands on job?

I would like a career where l can use my hands and not be behind a desk all day so i was wondering what were the requirements for such a job

Odunayo’s Avatar
Odunayo May 15 240 views

How can I decide or choose a career if I have many interests and hobbies?

I have an interest in writing and enjoy literature but I also want to dive into the sciences. This is making the decision quite tough for me right now

Kris’s Avatar
Kris May 14 883 views

Is there any free online career counselling websites??

I finished bsc mathematics and but I'm confused about what I do next. I'm interested in subjects like space, history, statistics, computer programming and I also like music and acting. I'm also like solving maths problems. But, I also want to become an entrepreneur and I always think about...

James’s Avatar
James May 12 142 views

How can i become great icon?

I'm a grade 8th student and I'm look unto someone who can share me more experiences about software because I want to learn more about it and become great in future

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel May 11 256 views

How to overcome fear

How to overcome fear

Shemye’s Avatar
Shemye May 11 366 views

How can you write a magazine article?

How best can a person write a magazine article?

David’s Avatar
David May 10 180 views

What can I do about my career choice ?

I’m having issue with my career choice is it has been bothering me a lot , please I really need help, I’m thinking of moving into engineering but I just need some guidance

Damilare’s Avatar
Damilare May 10 329 views

What can I do to grow my business ?

Help me out guys

Yul’s Avatar
Yul May 08 296 views

How can I find a part time photography job while attending college?

How can I find a part time photography job while attending college?