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Ohio, USA

Timmy’s Avatar
Timmy May 19 138 views

What is that one should students keep in mind while choosing a career?

I want to choose my field. So as a first step what can i do.

edgar’s Avatar
edgar May 18 449 views

which is the best business management model?

busness management tips

Wonderful’s Avatar
Wonderful May 16 388 views

What is the best way to learn?

What is the best way to learn

Nora’s Avatar
Nora May 09 128 views

How can female students be helped or encouraged so that they can pursue STEM courses?

Being a woman, i would love to be among the best to pursue STEM and prove to the world that it is possible. And this all comes along with passion and determination.

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb May 06 345 views

Can you share some tips for navigating a career transition, particularly from one industry to another??

Can you share some tips for navigating a career transition, particularly from one industry to another?

Abrianna’s Avatar
Abrianna Apr 24 75 views

What are some ways to balance a social life with your school career?#Spring24

how do you keep a healthy sleep pattern as well as enough social time and thrive in school?

Gia’s Avatar
Gia Apr 23 493 views

What is some advice to start a business?

I’m starting a business with Lela give me advice.

Lela’s Avatar
Lela Apr 23 401 views

How can i start a bracelet business.?

How can i start a bracelet business with my friend.

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Lani Apr 23 545 views

Will Failing grades harm your chance at getting a job?

Im 16 and im in 8th grade and I've recently been doing online schooling. It's really not my thing and im back to regular school now but I've failed my grade twice and ive been panicking a lot about it. I've always had good grades and im afraid i wont get a job later on now that ive failed more...

Veronika’s Avatar
Veronika Apr 17 418 views

How important is finding a backup plan if you already have a solid and realistic plan?

I intend to go to college for psychology and become a children's therapist. Do I really need a backup?

dennis’s Avatar
dennis Apr 16 794 views

what is the best financial management?

finance tips

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Apr 13 162 views

What foreign language should I take if I want to become a meteorologist?

I'm in 8th grade looking to start a foreign language. Which would benefit me the most if I want to become a meteorologist and work with weather?

bramwel’s Avatar
bramwel Apr 13 425 views

what is the best business administranion?

business tips

Joanne’s Avatar
Joanne Apr 11 197 views

What are some potential career path in the field of environmental science, and how can I prepare for them?

Hi, I'm Joanne, a 16-year-old with a passion for the environment. Recently, I've been considering my career options and how I can contribute positively to the world around me. Environmental science has always intrigued me because it offers opportunities to study and protect the natural world...

Charlotte’s Avatar
Charlotte Apr 03 737 views

What is a successful Career ?

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I'm 14 years old grade 10th student. I want to have a successful Career but I don't even know what a successful Career is.

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