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Rylee’s Avatar
Rylee Feb 15 615 views

What can I do with a business degree?

I know I want to do something with a business degree because I have heard you can do a lot with it.

Job’s Avatar
Job Feb 16 915 views

Is Art applicable in Business field?

Just thinking out loud!

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Feb 18 1251 views

What Job Does an Administrative Assistant Do?

And what area of work could I work in without having extensive work experience?

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Jan 31 582 views

what made you decide your career? was there some life changing eye opening moment?

What was the life changing moment that made you decide right then and there this is what you wanted to do in the future?

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Jan 28 751 views

Is it better to apply to many places for internships or focus on submitting personalized applications for a few places you are really interested in?

Some of my friends have told me that when applying to internships, especially in computer science, the thing that matters most is submitting a lot of applications and avoiding applications with required cover letters because they require too much time. Is it true the the most effective way to...

hara’s Avatar
hara Jan 28 751 views

How do I make myself look more professional in a group setting when people think that I'm under-qualified for my job?

This question is mainly in reference to more business centered fields

Larry’s Avatar
Larry Feb 01 600 views

Why is College important ?

I have been contemplating about pursuing higher education and have a lot of questions about college. I am curious about the application process, the different majors and programs offered, the types of financial aid available, the campus life, and the career prospects after graduation.

Susan’s Avatar
Susan Feb 01 1030 views

How do i define success when it comes to career choice?

Often i’ve talked with people and alot of them don’t seem happy about their jobs. Out of 10 people i conversed with, 8 with they choose a different career path.

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Jan 31 553 views

How to stay motivated when i feel i’ve lost all my energy for school?

I want to pass and i want to graduate but anytime i sit down id rather do anything else I’ll even sleep to avoid it.

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jan 31 622 views

How do you know when you have a good job?

When you are searching for jobs how are you able to determine that you've found the correct job that suits you or how do you look for the job that you believe would suit you best

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Dec 20, 2023 561 views

How do you find a mentor as a high school student interested in international affairs?

I participated in an exchange* program sponsored by the U.S. Department Of State's Bureau Of Educational and Cultural Affairs. I'm looking for a way to expand my knowledge and learning of international relations/affairs/diplomacy.

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Jan 12 1185 views

Is working for the goverment really worth it?

im curios if its good to work for the goverment

Adam’s Avatar
Adam Jan 18 1156 views

What are the different types of consulting I can get into as a first job?

Recently graduated and am looking for entry level positions that will lead into consulting positions