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Maxine Apr 21 449 views

Where can I find internships that accept people with no prior work experience?

junior in highschool. not sure what career I want to do. want experience before going to college.

Elektra’s Avatar
Elektra Mar 26 491 views

What is the best choice?

Hello I'm Elektra, im in grade 10 currently contemplating what i should do for my future career what subjects are required to do forensic psychology? should i choose forensic psychology or something else or even just psychology? please help

luca’s Avatar
luca Mar 22 336 views

what is the most full filling career?

I want to know

Krystal’s Avatar
Krystal Mar 22 493 views

what are the best ways to get a head start in writing?

i know a lot of people struggle to get themselves on their feet -- what are your best suggestions for getting a headstart on your writing career?

shaina’s Avatar
shaina Mar 23 355 views

How can I have a better college application?

How can I have a better college application?

landon’s Avatar
landon Mar 22 303 views

If I apply for electrical engineering, how many job opportunities would I have ?

I want to apply for electrical engineering for college, but in case if I change my mind, what other jobs could I have if I still apply for electrical engineering? Another question, what would you say is the must disliked part about electrical engineering.

corbin’s Avatar
corbin Mar 22 250 views

Is better to go for a high-end college and do alright or go for an alright college and do great?

Depending on the ACT and SAT scores, I don't know if I would go to one with a higher score than average or not.

Vicky’s Avatar
Vicky Mar 14 490 views

What are some jobs for 16 years old?

I’m 16 right now, in NYC high school. And I know for most jobs, their minimum age to work in their place was 16. So I decided that I wanted to get my first job, but I couldn’t find any job. They either never reply back to me or that their schedule aren’t fit for me or that they don’t hire 16...

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Mar 07 303 views

If I go into the Special Education as my major could I do psychology as my minor ?

I have had interests in doing psychology and I think that it would also help a lot of how to understand more of the kids that ide be teaching.

Gerardo’s Avatar
Gerardo Mar 11 385 views

What does a day-to-day look like as a facility manager?

I'm interested in being a facility manager but I want to know what the day-to-day looks like.

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Mar 11 589 views

How much is it typically to go to a state university?

How much is it typically to go to a state university? For Elementary teacher courses. Specifically Minnesota and Colorado.

Mila’s Avatar
Mila Mar 09 327 views

can you tell me success story of you abput learning online?

can you tell me success story of you abput learning online?

Darius’s Avatar
Darius Mar 09 395 views

How do i get Better at note taking.

Hello, i am a 12th grader. I’ve been having some hard times with notetaking and i was wondering how do i get better? I’ve tried tutoring but i need some tips on note taking.

Kai’s Avatar
Kai Mar 09 272 views

Where do I start when deciding which major I want to undertake?

Or should I apply for colleges undeclared.

abraham’s Avatar
abraham Feb 29 391 views

How can I be more caring to be more prepared to become a business man?

I'm still in school and want to study business.