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Amy N. May 15, 2016 604 views

What do international development majors do after college?

I do not know what to major in but am interested in international development. #international #undecided #international-affairs #college #career...


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Sina S. Aug 18, 2016 628 views

Do i need to do something other than taking the SAT to apply and get accepted from Duke?

Getting into the Duke University has been my dream for past few years. And i think that to make our world and my country, i have to get a good education. #business #sports...


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Riley U. Aug 21, 2016 928 views

When deciding where to go to college how important is it to access location?

The main reason I ask this question is because I am an aspiring entertainment journalist and I would like to know if it is helpful to go to college in a place like Boston or New York, or if it really doesn't matter as long as I am getting a good education. Being from Eastern Washington I see...

#communications #journalism #location #college #entertainment-industry

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Terran A. Aug 23, 2016 573 views

What advice would you have for a talented musician that wants to pursue a career in Music and law enforcement?

I am a really good drummer but I put my education over everything. I don't want waste my talent and potential to be special. I also want to work for a local police agency, the FBI or the Secret Service. What career options do I...

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Liana S. Sep 05, 2016 1227 views

Is metacognition and right brain learning starting to revolutionize the way we think about learning and how we teach kids in school?

Sometimes I wonder if schools tend to favor left-brain dominant children. I think through images, I like theories, I'm intuitive, and I have no sense of time. (But I'm time sensitive). #psychology #education...


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Michael G. Sep 28, 2016 602 views

How do you find a better way of studying ?

I think there is more than one way of learning, so in order to help produce better grades. Better study habits are necessary, I want better grades. #higher-education #japan #principal #elementary-education #middle-school...


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Esther C. Oct 14, 2016 581 views

Honor Programs, are they important to employers?

I am an accounting major that is and have attended multiple networking clubs and events. One of the professor of an event said that I should join as much honor programs as possible. He suggested to join the accounting honor society as well as the accounting & taxation honor program at my...

#employers #career-counseling #school-counseling

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Myranda K. Oct 18, 2016 550 views

What career choices are offered?

When studying for a degree in environmental engineering, what sorts of career choices open up? #career-choice #environment...


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Steven M. Oct 20, 2016 1027 views

Is Petroleum Engineering a viable career?

Let's be honest, the oil industry is pretty rocky right now, should I consider a career in the field if I think it might be unreliable? #engineering #career-choice...


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Paige G. Oct 24, 2016 406 views

What is the best advice you have for aspiring mathmatics teachers?

I love mathmatics and feel like I would like to teach it in high school. What advice do you have for someone like me who is interested in pursuing a math education degree? #teaching...


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Paige G. Oct 24, 2016 498 views

Would you pursue a masters in math or education?

As an aspiring mathmatics teacher, I am interested in whether I should teach with my bachelors degree in math education before pursuing higher degrees. I am also interested in knowing if a masters in mathmatics or education would be better for me #teaching...


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Brooke H. Oct 28, 2016 359 views

What is the best resource to narrow down my career path?

I am interested in Medicine but want to know my options....


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Nada D. Dec 26, 2016 450 views

Does the first university or college you attend matter when you are going to attend more than one?

Given the fact that I want to become an OB/GYN in the future this means that I will have some 12 years of schooling which I am pretty sure won't be in one place. I am currently aiming for UCLA, USC, and the like however people are telling me that the first university you attend doesn't matter...

#university-admissions #higher-education #university #jobs

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Daniella F. Dec 30, 2016 543 views

When applying to universities, the people at admissions always enjoy reading unconventional essays. How does one know that what they are writing fits this criteria?

I've been watching many interviews and videos about how the people at the admissions department enjoy unique essays as well as students who believe their essays are what really helped them get into the university. How can you make sure that one is writing something on the flamboyant side?...

#college-admissions #university-recruiting #college-recruiting #college #university-applications #university #college-essay #college-bound

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Nada D. Jan 02, 2017 839 views

Which is better small liberal arts university or prestigious?

In my area there are plenty of both and when it comes time to apply I want to know which is better to study at. I want to know things like pros and cons and cost wise and all that both entail. #college #university #higher-education #university-applications #liberal-arts...