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Mario D. Leone

Produced Screenwriter
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Spring Valley, New York
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Serena’s Avatar
Serena May 06 527 views

How can I make money with a communications degree?

I will start college in January 2025 as a junior because of my college credits (I’m a photography intern now at my community college). I originally applied to an art school to pursue filmmaking editing but was waitlisted so I decidedto pursue communications (media production) at another school...

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Mar 25 365 views

What is the main goal of an Film and Video Editor?

What is the main goal and purpose of a Film and Video Editor?

Orion’s Avatar
Orion Jan 10 791 views

How can I improve my Channel?

I've been trying to improve my YouTube, I started with working on editing, and I know that you can never truly master it, but im working on it. I mainly want to know what I can improve besides editing. The more I'm learning the happier I feel about my channel, I was just wondering if there is...

Marin’s Avatar
Marin Mar 06, 2023 451 views

Have you ever regretted becoming an author?

I have always wanted to be an author, but I am aware of how many writers give their all into their book and for whatever reason, are unable to get a publishing company to pick it up. Or else it flopped in sales and ended up not making enough money to make it worth printing, much less living...

Kiana’s Avatar
Kiana Jun 30, 2022 512 views

What ways can I promote my edits/videos on social media?

I sometimes post them on tiktok or Instagram but I get tired and loss motivation to continue. Any one can answer.

Computer’s Avatar
Computer May 03, 2022 493 views

What is your favorite part of being a film and video editor.

You can elaborate on the question.

Computer’s Avatar
Computer May 03, 2022 521 views

How much time do you have to work while being a film and video editor.

Please answer.

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Mar 02, 2022 576 views

How do you become a successful writer?

#writing #author #creative-writing

andre’s Avatar
andre Jun 24, 2021 500 views

How do you become a writer for tv show, movie, games, books.

How to you become a successful writer? currently working on a fictional book now. #author #writing #creative-writing

Ang’s Avatar
Ang Sep 17, 2018 1593 views

I want to be a cartoon or tv show creator (creator/writer- not animator) What are the best things to major in for this career? What are the best colleges to go to?

#art #major #college-major #college #cartoon #TV #television #writing #creative #creator #cartoon-creator #cartoon-writer #TV-show-writer #Television-Writer #writer

August’s Avatar
August Oct 12, 2017 1100 views

I like writing, filming, critiquing and writing reviews on movies, what job should I pursue?

I love writing stories and making videos. I love watching movies and reviewing them. I want to pursue something that allows me to work with movies but I've never taken an official film course in high school and will be starting college next year. What are some careers I can look at? I don't...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Sep 01, 2017 1127 views

What are some of the best things that can be written into a story?

What are some of the best things that can be written into a story.
#writing #storytelling #creative-writing

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Oct 12, 2017 997 views

What if I don't want to go to college, can I still be successful?

I have read on various websites that I do not need to waste time and money on college if I want to start screenwriting so I cam curious to know is it fine to skip college and get started

#screenwriting #writer #writing #college

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Aug 31, 2017 669 views

What materials can I use in order to get better at the career I want?

What books or types of materials can I look into, to get better at becoming a creative writer? #writing #journalism


Akeisha’s Avatar
Akeisha Sep 01, 2017 976 views

Do you think double majoring is particularly hard to do?

In college I want to double major in writing and engineering. I'm really passionate about writing it's my favorite subject and thing to do. I'm getting more into the field of engineer and I enjoy it minus all the math #electrical-and-electronic-manufacturing
#writing #journalism