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Dinesh’s Avatar
Dinesh yesterday 341 views

What career choices intersect computer science, finance, and artificial intelligence?

I have an interest in the technology sector such as software development and AI. However, I also like the business side, especially the financial sector. Is there a career or career path that intersects computing science and artificial Intelligence finance with the financial sector? Note; By...

Dinesh’s Avatar
Dinesh 2 days ago 360 views

Should I pursue higher education without industrial experience?

I am in USA. I do not have work authorization. I graduated in software development in 2016. But, I don't have industrial experience since getting job is impossible due my immigration status. I will hopefully get work authorization in about 5 years. I was thinking of doing masters in...

kaylyn’s Avatar
kaylyn Jul 17 346 views

Do I have a good chance of getting accepted to UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, UCI, or UCSB for finance/actuary , if my classes are medical CTE?

I have been taking a CTE pathway in medicine (3 years), only to realize that I want to apply to college in a more math/finance related side. (specifically actuary, as of now). I am planning on applying to UCs, I volunteer at a local hospital, but I don't do much finance related "things", do I...

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Jul 16 239 views

How to become a Scientific Illustrator?

Does a career for scientific illustration or animation exist? If so, what is the demand outlook for this career and process to become a professional in this field?

goe’s Avatar
goe Jul 13 689 views

what looks good on a college application

college advice

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Jul 10 317 views

how does someone get a job as a teacher?

I want to be a high school history teacher, I am in college for History. I am doing community college at the moment, but for the future when I want to get my teaching credential, how does someone actually get a job at a school as a teacher?

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Jul 09 495 views

What Extracurriculars should I be applying to as a Highschool Sophomore wanting to major in Biology?

As a rising highschool sophomore, I wanted to know what programs/competitons I should be aware of and applying to if I plan to major in Biology?

stacy’s Avatar
stacy Jul 09 579 views

What skills are important in any job?

tips of maintaining a job

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Jul 08 426 views

Can visually impaired or physically disabled people become dentists? Can you get time extensions in dental school if you have accommodations

I am completely blind in my left eye and I was wondering if I could still work in the oral cavity with limited vision. I am also in a wheelchair and I was wondering if there were any physically disabled dentists.

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Jul 07 207 views

I need to talk to a commercial airline pilot to find out what is the path I need to take to became a pilot?

I need to talk to a commercial airline pilot to find out what is the path I need to take to became a pilot

John’s Avatar
John Jun 26 268 views

What colleges would be best for me?

I need help deciding what colleges would be best for me based on the career path I am taking of cybersecurity. I may also do a computer science or business path.

James’s Avatar
James Jun 24 366 views

As an incoming college freshman, what's the best way to prepare for your first year during the summer?

Especially for students moving away from home! :D

Ester’s Avatar
Ester Jun 23 133 views

How can I schedule my classes to make this work?

I am Class of 2028 and I want to join AFROTC while also balancing pre-med, is there anyone with a similar experience?

Giulia’s Avatar
Giulia Jun 22 301 views

What classes should I take to set myself up for a career in science?

I’m a sophomore and I’m certain I want a career in the science field most likely something to do with genetic variations.

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Jun 21 501 views

How do I find a job post-grad in the political science sector ?

I just recently graduated from UCSB with a political science degree and I am very interested in international relations and community development, but I have no idea where to start, and it seems like the job market is scary. I would like to work for the government, but am considering going to...

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