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Long Beach, California

Within 40 mile radius
Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Apr 18 395 views

What are the guidelines in need to be a Biochemist?

I'll soon be a college student, what are the pathways I need to understand and master to become a renown Biochemist?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Apr 18 534 views

Why is programming not thought at my class level?

I am 14 years old I have passion for computer programming and development. I have been going online through many articles and lecture on computer programming please where else can I get more information and learning outlet for computer programming. Why is programming not thought at my class level?

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Apr 16 280 views

How to make a career choice?

for the confused

Ronald’s Avatar
Ronald Apr 15 256 views

Why does everyone want to be a content creator?

Concerned for my generation

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen Apr 13 525 views

What is a career ?

Okay I’m sort of confused need some assistance on this

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Apr 12 309 views

Why do I feel like i know nothing in life career wise?

As in confused career wise

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Apr 12 251 views

How does it feel to transition careers midlife?

Thinking about people who are not sure about their career choices

tracy’s Avatar
tracy Apr 11 521 views

How does one start their own company?

What steps should be taken

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Apr 11 258 views

how to do reaserch in school?

ask different people questions

lino’s Avatar
lino Apr 11 335 views

How does one apply for helb?

I would like to study law or computer science in campus but i do not have the money

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Apr 11 276 views

How can I be successful in this space??

Question writing tip

Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Apr 11 510 views

What are some animal-related career possibilities with a biology degree?

I’m a sophomore bio major with a huge love for animals and I’m not sure if I’m suited for long-term lab work. Any advice?

ezra’s Avatar
ezra Apr 10 499 views

What is one skill that is useful in all kind of job settings?

I do not want a 5 to 6 job

Lory’s Avatar
Lory Apr 10 764 views

Pros and cons for Physician Assistant as a job?

I don't think I have the drive to pursue an actual PhD so I looked into alternatives and PA happens to be one of them. Any pros and cons I should be aware of?

Lory’s Avatar
Lory Apr 10 569 views

What are some steps I can take as a highschool student to prepare myself for a possible psychology degree?

I'm almost sure that I'll take psych and be a PA but I know that its very selective and rigorous.

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