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Milford, Pennsylvania

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Mo Feb 19 625 views

What type of position in the pharmaceutical industry is best suited for me. I currently work as a midwife and I am seeking to switch careers into the pharmaceutical industry. I have a bachelor’s in bio chemistry and a masters in Midwifery and Health Service Administration. I would like advice as to what type of position with the pharma industry, my skills may translate to

Midwife seeking to change careers into the pharmaceutical industry

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John Feb 06 392 views

College admission grades?

I want to have the best chance I can at getting into USC, but I also don't want to need a 4.0 GPA and be taking as many honors and AP classes as possible. I want to be able to do things outside of school and such. Do you think I would need a 4.0 GPa and tons of honors and AP classes to get in?

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John Feb 06 440 views

BA vs BFA?

I'm looking at the USC SCA website currently and I noticed that there is a bachelor of arts in film production and then there is a bachelor of fine arts in film production. Can anyone explain the difference?

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John Feb 06 340 views

Industry vs Freelancing vs Indie directing?

Is freelancing the same as Indie directing? What separates these three? What are some pros and cons of all three? How do I succeed in each? And how do I switch from one to the other, such as switching from Industry directing to Freelancing? Will I have more control over the movie if I choose to...

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John Feb 06 195 views

Should I go to L.A. Film School or USC?

I have started to look into USC as well and off of its stats and the fact that it is a university, I can tell it's good. I'm just worried that I might be setting my goals too high. I'm pretty sure their Cinematic Arts school has a three percent acceptance rate and while I could prepare for high...

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John Feb 05 316 views

Double concentration?

I want to go to the L.A. Film School and major in Film Production but I would want to have my concentration on either Directing or Cinematography. Is there any way I could have my concentration on both?

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John Feb 05 498 views

Is it true that nearly 65% of all film directors only make 1 film in their whole life??

I recently read this statistic and it has shocked me. Am I doomed to only put one art piece into this world? The expectation for becoming a director is fame but still. I mean I want to make many movies and the idea of only being able to make one sounds completely hope-crushing. On the other end...

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John Feb 05 376 views

How can I make good movies without them taking me years?

My interest in filmmaking started with Quentin Tarantino. He is a genius and I love his movies, but his career has also scared me in a way. He has only made 10 movies and he has been making films for decades. His movie reservoir dogs only took like three weeks to write and yet it took three...

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John Feb 05 307 views

How do I know if film making is for me?

I know that I would enjoy it very much, but I know it could not be the only thing I do. And how do I know that it is right for me? I mean I would probably be good at it but how do I know if it's for me?

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John Feb 05 329 views

Need multiple opinions as this is really stressing me out. Input?

I recently considered getting into film production by attending the LA Film School and becoming a Director. I would probably be one of those directors who writes my movies and does the cinematography, but I have one issue: the idea of doing just one thing terrifies me. I would love to be a...

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Dec 17, 2023 388 views

How do I find an online part time?

How do I find a part-time job while still being in high school that is online, part time, that is not a scam, and has an hourly wage?

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Rae Oct 05, 2023 207 views

What is the easiest number to count by if you are a pharmacist ?

I know some people who count by 3

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Rae Oct 05, 2023 176 views

How much focus do you need to be a surgeon and how much of a steady hand ?

If you need a steady hand try to draw stars for lines and it will help work on getting you and steady

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Nohemi Oct 04, 2023 930 views

If if don’t take chemistry in HS then in college will I retake the class ?

Will I have to take a summer program in college

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Ayana Oct 02, 2023 143 views

What are some things I can learn this and will this be a thing that I will love in 10 years how could this be a good thing for me and why do I like it so much.

What are some things I can learn this and will this be a thing that I will love in 10 years how could this be a good thing for me and why do I like it so much.

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