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Murray, Utah

Within 40 mile radius
Madisyn’s Avatar
Madisyn Jul 03 413 views

Should I choose to be a veterinarian?

I am looking at being a veterinarian as one of my possible career choices. What skills do you need? Any specific personality traits you would need or the type of person you need to be in order to be one? What is being a veterinarian like, day to day and so forth? Is it worth it? How do you get...

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Jul 01 372 views

What Did you want to become a teacher?

What Did you want to become a teacher?

Madisyn’s Avatar
Madisyn Jun 29 380 views

What career path should I pursue based on my interests and goals?

I am in my senior year of high school and am feeling the pressure of picking what to do with my life. My hobbies include art, photography, learning multiple languages, crochet and knitting and other crafts. I love animals and adore dogs as well. I wish to travel the world and live in places...

Candice’s Avatar
Candice Jun 24 285 views

How can i prepare for a job interview?

How can i prepare for a job interview

Nsilo’s Avatar
Nsilo Jun 19 331 views

How to bolster a med school resume for the future?

What steps y'all took in order to build a med school resume. I am a second year student at the University of Utah. I have completed many of the requirements for my pre-med and I am a psych major. #Spring23

eleanor’s Avatar
eleanor Jun 01 511 views

How does one become active in politics at the national level as a politician?

I am moderate and would like to get my ideas out there. I feel a job as a political representative would be best for me. I don't know how to get there.

Charly’s Avatar
Charly May 14 352 views

How transferable is Civil Engineering or Structural Engineering to Mechanical Engineering?

Hi, I plan on interning at a civil engineering/structural engineering firm, but I know I want to study Mechanical Engineering. There aren't any mechanical engineering firms nearby, only civil and structural. Is it worth it to conduct an internship at a civil/structural engineering firm? Will...

Dawson’s Avatar
Dawson May 01 254 views

What is the best way to connect with professionals after graduation #Spring24?

Is LInkedIN still the best way to connect with people?

Desirae’s Avatar
Desirae Apr 27 335 views

How do I become a Rn?

I’m a 17 year old CNA and I want to become a RN. Im a junior in high school and after this summer I will be a senior. What is the fastest and most efficient way to become an RN?

Charly’s Avatar
Charly Apr 27 408 views

How can I get a research opportunity or internship with a professor or company as a high school student?

Hi, I am an high school junior interested in conducting a research or interning in the engineering field this summer, but I’m not sure where to start or how to go about it. I contacted a lot of engineering firms around me and most of them either don’t do internships or don’t have any...

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Apr 24 256 views

How can I start preparing to become a mechanical engineer while I am young?

I’m 14 years old, and am very interested in mechanical engineering as a future career. My question is, how do I start? Mark Rober is one of my role models. How can I get to where he is?

sammy’s Avatar
sammy Apr 06 292 views

what to do after finishing high school?

work hard to get good grades

Tom’s Avatar
Tom Apr 05 281 views

if i learn programming , and work as freelancer is good and better than other work ? ?

if i learn programming , and work as freelancer is good and better than other work ? ?

Charly’s Avatar
Charly Mar 31 612 views

What colleges/universities should I apply to?

Hi, I'm a high school junior who's trying to figure out which colleges to apply to in August. I want to major in Mechanical Engineering. I want to go out of state for college and to one that's known for its engineering program. The problem is money. I'm interested in the University of Florida...

Charly’s Avatar
Charly Mar 31 401 views

How does one (a high school student) gain real-life experience in the engineering field?

Hi, I'm a high school junior who wants a real-life experience/job/internship in the engineering field to help me understand the career more. How do I find opportunities?

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