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Samantha Truxal

Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
West Valley City, Utah
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Civic Duty

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Dey'ja May 07, 2021 603 views

If you witnessed a fellow officer committing a crime, what would you do? .

I am always the first person that my friends call because they know I am always there for them. I'am also Motivated/ Ambitious / Leader. #career-path

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Myezo May 05, 2021 1049 views

What entry requirements for culinary school


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Beth Apr 29, 2021 1076 views

What's the key to solving life's problems?

#psychology #mentalhealth

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Alyssa Apr 14, 2021 500 views

how did you figure out what career path you wanted to work for?


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CareerVillage Office Hours Apr 19, 2021 1802 views

How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

Office Hours #4: AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Mark Eagle This question was posed by a question during one of our most recent "CareerVillage Office Hours" sessions. During Office Hours sessions, we invite students to pose questions related to a specific topic. In this case, the topic was...

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Victoria May 15, 2016 1963 views

Any suggestions on free resume building websites?

I am currently working on updating my resume and I would prefer to use a website to put my resume together. Any suggestions for free resume building websites? #resume

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leslie Apr 30, 2021 2843 views

what is the diffrence between a associates degree and a bachelors degree?

I really want to be a nurse but dont really know what classes to take or how many years is better #career

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Gauranshi May 02, 2021 388 views

i want to become a interior designer i know that drawing or sketching is necessary for that but i am not good in sketching so what can I do for that


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Dey’ja Apr 29, 2021 689 views

What is career village all about ?

#career #career-choice

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Caitlin Apr 25, 2016 1038 views

What should someone who wants to be a clothing designer major in in college?

I want to be a clothing designer #college #fashion #major

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Eli Apr 19, 2021 564 views

Would you recommend college for construction?

I'm very hands on and don't like school. #construction

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maxwell Apr 22, 2021 508 views

do I have to get really good grades to get in

my name is max, I don't know what I want to do, but I like to cook #food

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Jenero Jan 22, 2018 687 views

I've decided that I wanted to have a career in culinary arts, but where are good schools that have negotiable student fees?

I want to go to culinary school, but I don't know any culinary schools near my hometown of El Sobrante, CA that really cater/that my family can work around concerning fees, are there any schools like so? #Culinaryschool #Culinaryarts #Gastronomy #connections #school #Culinarycareer #future...

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Tatiana Feb 26, 2021 463 views

what is the best way to find a summer job


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Sienna Dec 21, 2020 1076 views

What are some jobs that work with animals?

I am a sophomore at box elder high school. I am thinking about being a veterinarian but i want to know if there are other option and stuff that would be more intresting.
#veterinarian #animal #jobs #veterinary