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Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Aug 09, 2023 562 views

How do I choose what major / career if I'm interested in everything and nothing really stands out?

I was going to pursue law, but then acupuncture sounded interesting, but also com sci. I don't have experience in any of these three categories, so who knows? Maybe I won't like all of them. I'm applying to college soon, but I don't really have an idea of what I want to do so I'm kind of...

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Aug 06, 2023 323 views

Where should I look for career paths?

Where should I look for career options? I’m only in 7th grade but it seems that most people have a career path they want to follow and I don’t know what to do.

Nayana’s Avatar
Nayana Aug 07, 2023 259 views

How do I begin to navigate a 4 year college plan as a sophomore?

Im a first gen student with no prior experience with GOOD counselors. Im in an externship, clubs, etc but how do i figure out the right major, next steps, etc. How do I go about figuring what I am passionate about, where to find classes that are beneficial to me while fulfilling major...

Ronney’s Avatar
Ronney Aug 07, 2023 461 views

what do i need to succeed in life

what do i have to do to get my career how do i get my head in the game if my teacher gets annoyed of me what can i do to get help on my career work if sometimes the computers don't want to work

MaKayla’s Avatar
MaKayla Aug 07, 2023 390 views

How do I know what to do?

All of the people around me seem to know what they want to do and I don’t. How do I know what to do when I graduate high school in a few years? What can I do to prepare myself? How can I feel confident in myself when I make my own life?

Janye’s Avatar
Janye May 20, 2023 322 views

How difficult is psychology? How did you overcome those difficulties?

In my previous post, I expressed my interest in becoming an art therapist and got some helpful advice. I decided the best option would be to major in psych and minor in art. My only problem is that I have never been the best writer and, after reading some of the posts here, I'm a little...

Jabar’s Avatar
Jabar May 28, 2023 244 views

What Career is best for me?

I'm currently enrolled in a college as a freshman and I'm struggling to find a major. I am considering a History, Political Science, or maybe an urban studies major. But I'm also struggling to find a career I would like to do as unlike a college major, I don't really have a idea what I want to...

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Jun 02, 2023 340 views

How can I find my passion?

I am 17, and unsure of everything. I have no idea who I want to be, or what to do as a career. I need some advice, I know I need to go to college not only to better myself and my knowledge just so I can be a well-rounded individual as well as also to give myself more opportunities in different...

Isabell’s Avatar
Isabell Jun 04, 2023 274 views

How do you really know what major you belong in?

I am currently a 17-year-old in 11th grade and I have this strong feeling about working in early childhood education because I love to be with little kids and want to be an impact on their lives as they grow up. I want to teach them the basic stuff that leads them into becoming their own...

amelia’s Avatar
amelia Jun 10, 2023 560 views

what is the best college in kentucky for graphic design majors?

what colleges in kentucky are best for people looking to major in graphic design? this is what i want to pursue in college and as a career and im looking for lots of opinions

Leilani’s Avatar
Leilani Jun 10, 2023 569 views

How hard is it got get into college?

How hard is it to get an associates degree?
Is it harder to get a job without a college degree? If so what degree do you recommend?

alex’s Avatar
alex Jun 12, 2023 209 views

How Do I choose a Major When I Have So Many Interests?

How do I choose a major if I have multiple interests. I can’t choose which one I want to pursue

Padma’s Avatar
Padma Jun 12, 2023 161 views

What should I major in for a prospective journalist?

What is it like being a journalism major? Is it a worthy major to go into, and what other majors would be recommended if my college doesn't offer it? As well, is grad school necessary for going into the field of journalism?

Kaseem’s Avatar
Kaseem Jun 14, 2023 165 views

How can I prepare for college

I am a Junior In high school and I come to realize that high school is will be over in a year and I don’t know what college or Major I want to do .

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jun 14, 2023 212 views

How do I start applying to scholarships for college ?

I am interested in saving up money for college and hopefully investing later. I do not know what college I want to go to but I know one of my career path options may be in the psychological field or pediatrics.