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Qinglin Mar 15 294 views

What are your major motivations helping us out on this platform?

I have asked some questions at career village and the answers I got were extremely helpful and supportive as well. I am very grateful for the help from all the people who answered my questions. I am really curious about what prompts you to help us out in this way, and why you choose to help us...

Shayna’s Avatar
Shayna Feb 18 476 views

When to start studying for the NAPLEX?

When is a good time to start studying for the NAPLEX? #CV23 #pharmacy #pharmacist #NAPLEX #exam #pharmacyschool

aya’s Avatar
aya Jan 30 263 views

Should students take a career path that will guarantee income or a career path in which they have interest ?

I have two study interests and one of them is less promising than the other. I think this is an important decision to make about one's career.

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Jan 30 262 views

witch career path should i go into?

I have studied for both collision repair and digital design but I also want to do welding in the future. Witch career path should I go into to enjoy and make the most money?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 30 294 views

How do I know what career path is suited for me?

not sure what to major in either

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Nov 09, 2022 312 views

What inspired you to be a doctor?

I just need to know if I feel the same.

Diya’s Avatar
Diya Dec 09, 2022 296 views

What courses should I take to become a general surgeon? #EOY22

Hello! I am interested in becoming a general surgeon but I just wanted to see what courses I should take in highschool to get prepared for it in college. Thank you so much in advance!

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Sep 29, 2022 672 views

What careers should I look into if I'm interested in chemistry especially forensic chemistry?

I've been interested in chemistry since I was a little kid because it gives me insight as to how the world really works on the molecular level. I like forensic because I get to solve challenging problems. Science and math are my best subjects at school and I enjoy tasks that require critical...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Sep 27, 2022 286 views

What is the best place to research career choices?

I've been researching information about careers from outside sources. Most of the time, the numbers and information are different from one another, so I have no clue which one is true.

Jamie’s Avatar
Jamie Sep 30, 2022 331 views

Is medical school hard?

I want to be an anesthesiologist but I dont know if going through that many years of school is worth it.

Ahmad’s Avatar
Ahmad Aug 16, 2022 543 views

Clinical Nurse Specialist

What are some of the goals that you have working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist?

Leticia’s Avatar
Leticia Sep 26, 2022 459 views

How does pre-med differ from other majors in the medical field?

Medical major question

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Aug 25, 2022 409 views

What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in the medical field?

I'm hoping after finishing my schooling i can find a job almost immediately so i wanted advice on that

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Aug 09, 2022 471 views


What can you tell me about the proper procedures and steps towards becoming an anesthesiologist?

Miracle’s Avatar
Miracle Jul 29, 2022 494 views

Q1: I know I want to be a scientist or researcher, but I just want to help people and find cures for diseases or help people in general, by figuring out to make them walk again or anything like that, but what career would that be?

Hi, my name is Miracle and I’m about to start college in the fall, but I’m not sure what to major in and I was hoping that having a scientist answer my questions then that might give me some insight on what to major in. I know these aren’t ideal questions, but I’ve always loved science and...