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Caelum’s Avatar
Caelum Sep 29, 2023 236 views

I have a few mental illnesses can I be a psychiatrist or psychologist?

I have a few mental illnesses and there's more I'm not diagnosed with. Can I become a psychiatrist or a psychologist, it's something I'm really interested in.

Adilay’s Avatar
Adilay Sep 26, 2023 1094 views

what are the different careers involved in mental health?

I'm interested in mental health and how the human brain works and would like to pursue a career related to those things

Dennis’s Avatar
Dennis Sep 27, 2023 872 views

Should I do nursing or medical laboratory science?

Hiiii my name is Joy and I'm studying human physiology in Niger delta university, so I wanna do transfer, so I have two choices to make, nursing and medical laboratory science which do you think I should do, please I really need your advice In my free time, I Love reading and listening to...

Niloofar’s Avatar
Niloofar Sep 16, 2023 444 views

What are the important points to remember working as a new clinical mental health intern at an inpatient/outpatient hospital unit?

Hi all, I'm a second year grad student in mental health counseling, and first year intern. I was wondering what are the important points to remember working as a new clinical mental health intern at an inpatient/outpatient hospital unit? Do you have any tips that would ease the anxiety of not...

kendra’s Avatar
kendra Sep 13, 2023 563 views

whats it like in your field?

im interested in these fields and i want to know if they are worth going to college or not. i am also wondering if these were your careers of choice

Yvette’s Avatar
Yvette Sep 06, 2023 344 views

What is the current outlook on Healthcare nowadays?

I am a high school senior

Chad’s Avatar
Chad Sep 10, 2023 255 views

How do therapist handle their patients issues?

I would like to become a therapist. I’m 17. I’m in high school and I like helping people. I’m also very empathetic towards others and selfless.

Kip’s Avatar
Kip Sep 06, 2023 280 views

Where can I find inspiration?

What would be a good website to find art inspiration or practice? I am trying to improve on figure making.

landon’s Avatar
landon Sep 06, 2023 1189 views

How do you find a job that makes you happy?

so im 14 and im scared for my future. even though getting a job is happening far from now im still scared. i dont want to waste my life doing something i dont like.

Su’s Avatar
Su Sep 05, 2023 1022 views

Is being a Psychiatrist worth the 12 year wait?

In the future, I am hoping to become a psychiatrist, however I was wondering If it is worth studying around 12 years for. I am highly interested in the psychology and medical field, and know that it pays pretty well. But I've also heard that it is a pretty stressful job and the education is...

Jeremiah’s Avatar
Jeremiah Aug 08, 2023 591 views

What are 10 Questions I Can Use To Interview An Electronics Engineer ?

I am looking for some help finding interview questions to ask an Electronics Engineer. I need questions that are NOT personal but instead are educational and informative. Anything helps, and I would really appreciate your responses, Thank you.

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Aug 26, 2023 478 views

How do you get started with your career?

What’s a good career to have? How do you get started with it. I still don’t have a career picked out so any advice helps. When did you decide your career choice?

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Aug 26, 2023 336 views

How do I know when I should get a job? Should I wait until after I graduate or should I try to get one now?

I am a senior in high school with limited transportation so job availability is very limited for me..

Z’s Avatar
Z Aug 24, 2023 647 views

What should my next steps be after I graduate high school?

I am 16 and unsure of where to go after I finish high school. I think a community college takes less time, but a University seems like there are more opportunities. The only problem is, I don't have money to attend a Major Institution. How should i go about choosing my next school?

Bri’s Avatar
Bri Aug 24, 2023 741 views

Any studying techniques that work if you get distracted easily?

for a 10th grader