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Burlington, Kentucky

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Zari’s Avatar
Zari Sep 12, 2023 435 views

What is the best path to become a dermatologist?

I want to be a dermatologist as my final career. I would like to major in biomed engineering.
I have a weighted GPA of 4.28.

Jaylen’s Avatar
Jaylen Sep 09, 2023 213 views

How do we get close to our carer ?when can I start to get close to it

How do you plan to make a good career?when will you be able to know thst your ready?How dose this go and help you with your career and what can I do to get me close to this career

Aureale’s Avatar
Aureale Aug 23, 2023 413 views

How do you know when you found the right career for you?

What is you like a lot of different career options? How do you know which one is the best one for you?

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Aug 19, 2023 243 views

how did you finally decide what to major in?

How did you eventually decide what to do? I want to do something with medicine but I can’t make up my mind. any advice?

Olive’s Avatar
Olive Aug 15, 2023 408 views

What is a good thing to put on your resume to get an internship for a fashion magazine?

I'm only 16 and I've never interned for a fashion magazine.

Mallory’s Avatar
Mallory Aug 15, 2023 265 views

What made you decide your career path?

I think I have made the right decision for my career path. I have decided to go into healthcare adminstration. I have heard many good things and enjoy what I plan to do but I want to hear from others.

Reagan’s Avatar
Reagan Aug 11, 2023 357 views

When should I start applying for colleges?

When should I start applying for colleges?

kassnadra’s Avatar
kassnadra Jul 13, 2023 315 views

How do I know what career to choose and how do i find what i’m passionate about and what makes a job gina be not feel annoying and boring every day?

I don’t want to live a boring life and don’t know what to do. I feel like desk jobs are boring and yeah

aida’s Avatar
aida Jul 08, 2023 420 views

how do I become a politician? how do I sign up for the CIA?

yes I'm only 14 but I've always wanted to work for the USA in the government system coming from me who's a Latina with immigrant parents I want to succeed in life I want to work as an undercover agent but what first steps should I take? what highschool classes should I take and how do I start...

aida’s Avatar
aida Jul 08, 2023 262 views

how do I reach my goals? how do I become successful in life?

see the big question is how do people become successful? besides working very hard I feel like there's more to success than just working and working? so how do I become successful and how do people do it?

Molly’s Avatar
Molly Jul 03, 2023 198 views

How do you manage college classes?

How do you manage college classes?

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jun 12, 2023 220 views

Psychological Effects of a Cardiac Rehab Patient #Spring23

How do the psychological aspects of a patient's experience with a cardiac event impact the level of efficiency that one is able to take care and rehabilitate them?

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Jun 07, 2023 187 views

When should I start to be concerned with jobs? How should i go forward to get a job? what should i do to look better for jobs? how does this impact me forever? What does it do for me?

I find that going into the places helps me get a boost with it and also seeing how the workers do things. I enjoy asking them questions and being able to understand them more

angel’s Avatar
angel May 29, 2023 225 views

If i really like psychology what should i major and minor in?

I'm a bit lost with what I should be doing as in my minor and majors for college and I need help.

Brooklynn’s Avatar
Brooklynn May 28, 2023 227 views

How can I change the way I think?

I constantly feel like people are judging me I’m scared to do anything anymore I don’t even leave my room in my own home cause I have this feeling they don’t wanna be around me

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