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Burlington, Kentucky

Within 40 mile radius
grace’s Avatar
grace yesterday 253 views

How Do you differentiate business finance and personal finance when deciding which to chose?

I want to work in finance but have no idea any other information to decide what specifically

Kaydra’s Avatar
Kaydra Feb 22 407 views

What would be my best course of action as a fresh highschool graduate for finding a job that suits what career i want.

I don’t really know where to get started I just know i want to start working in this field almost immediately and i want a college program fully online so i can focus on work.

Peyton’s Avatar
Peyton Feb 07 218 views

I am an 8th grader and already stressing about what I want to be, I wanted to be a homicide detective but I saw that I would have to be a police officer and now I'm not so sure, can you help?

I want to be a homicide detective but now I'm just confused and stressed, please help me out.

balls’s Avatar
balls Dec 12, 2023 175 views

What type of Collage should i go to if i want to major in graphic arts?

I want to major in graphic arts but idk what to do

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Nov 26, 2023 192 views

What is an easier way to memorize the chemical formula of Nitro Glycerin (C3H6N3O9)?

What is an easier way to memorize the chemical formula of Nitro Glycerin (C3H6N3O9)

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Nov 21, 2023 232 views

How are you helping yourself accomplish the goals that you lay down?

here are some things to consider: - What's your skillset? - What is your education in correlation to your goals? - What are the requirements for your goals? - How are you helping yourself meet those requirements? - How will you measure success? - What are the milestones toward meeting your...

eva’s Avatar
eva Nov 06, 2023 272 views

What is Psychiatry like?

Why or why not would you recommend psychiatry as a career? Is it worth it? What is working like? Is there any way to get rid of student debt for the future?

Meadow’s Avatar
Meadow Oct 24, 2023 271 views

What is the best major for cosmetology?

For a hobby I like to style this head that I have which is a doll head that you are supposed to practice on and I like to practice on wigs.

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Oct 03, 2023 150 views

How do I get a scholarship ?

How do I get a scholarship?

Aureale’s Avatar
Aureale Sep 24, 2023 205 views

How do I find acting auditions near me?

My Name is Aureale. I'm a 16 year old African American in the 11th grade. I love acting and singing. They're both my passions. I want to one day be an actor. But I don't know how to find auditions.

Zari’s Avatar
Zari Sep 12, 2023 257 views

What is the best path to become a dermatologist?

I want to be a dermatologist as my final career. I would like to major in biomed engineering.
I have a weighted GPA of 4.28.

Jaylen’s Avatar
Jaylen Sep 09, 2023 169 views

How do we get close to our carer ?when can I start to get close to it

How do you plan to make a good career?when will you be able to know thst your ready?How dose this go and help you with your career and what can I do to get me close to this career

Aureale’s Avatar
Aureale Aug 23, 2023 276 views

How do you know when you found the right career for you?

What is you like a lot of different career options? How do you know which one is the best one for you?

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Aug 19, 2023 189 views

how did you finally decide what to major in?

How did you eventually decide what to do? I want to do something with medicine but I can’t make up my mind. any advice?

Olive’s Avatar
Olive Aug 15, 2023 311 views

What is a good thing to put on your resume to get an internship for a fashion magazine?

I'm only 16 and I've never interned for a fashion magazine.

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