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Columbus, Georgia

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Madison’s Avatar
Madison Apr 13 316 views

how can i prepare for being a lawyer?

how do i become a lawyer? how can i prepare as an 8th grader?

Bill’s Avatar
Bill Feb 07 555 views

How do I become an illustrator with the least amount of college?

How do I become an illustrator with the least amount of college?

Aubri’s Avatar
Aubri Dec 02, 2023 298 views

How is is college ?

I’m not sure what you mean but uh is it fun like do you party is it fun

Gary’s Avatar
Gary Oct 07, 2023 310 views

How would I start to find a career in forestry and wildlife, and where are good places to start?

I haven't graduated high school yet, although right after I'm going to the army are there any good things to do in there to help with the forestry pathway?

m’s Avatar
m Oct 01, 2023 993 views

What is it like as sports journalist?

I watch a lot of sports and the interviews and it seems like an interesting career. What is it like?

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Sep 25, 2023 224 views

What should I know about being a therapist or psychiatrist

I’m 16, I’ve wanted to be a therapist since I was 11. After having therapy myself I wanted to be able to help people like that. Know that even if they’re going through thought times I’m someone they can lean on. Even if they have no friends I would be there.

Jolie’s Avatar
Jolie Aug 25, 2023 2151 views

Is it possible to become a nurse through a technical school?

Some technical schools in my area offer 2 year nursing programs, but I'm confused on if I should attend a university that offers nursing classes, a technical school that offers nursing classes, or an actual nursing school??

Jolie’s Avatar
Jolie Aug 24, 2023 373 views

I have a question for nurses, What made you decide to become one?

I'm a highschool junior and I'm considering the career, but a lot of people say it's really stressful and difficult.

Ansley’s Avatar
Ansley Jul 23, 2023 283 views

Why I pick military

Why I want to be in the military is because a lot of was family was is the military and where hero's and I want to lead up to do the same.

Jah-Nia’s Avatar
Jah-Nia Jul 22, 2023 247 views

just a question but?

what is it like being a psychiatrist/ counselor I want to be one but I'm scared and i don'r know if i can handle the stress and emotional toll how do some of you guys handle it

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Jul 21, 2023 339 views

How do I know what is right for me

How do I know what is right for me

Will’s Avatar
Will Feb 27, 2023 564 views

What is the hardest occupation?

I just wanted to know because i like hard, rewarding, strenuous work. #CV23

Will’s Avatar
Will Feb 27, 2023 645 views

What are the best jobs for a 15 year old?

What are the best jobs for a 9th grade 15 year old who is looking for work? I am currently employed by a real estate company, but i want more in a job than the dreary day to day cleaning, and all that stuff.

Andres’s Avatar
Andres Aug 28, 2018 882 views

Career vs Passion?

When looking towards what to study/major in college, should you lean more towards something that will benefit you career wise? Or should you study your passion even if it may not lead to as much success as something else? #career

Andres’s Avatar
Andres Aug 28, 2018 1198 views

With a degree in Philosophy, are there any other jobs you can get besides being a professor?

Philosophy is what I'm truly passionate about and love to study, but I don't see much of a future in it career wise. #philosophy #career

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