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Eagan, Minnesota

Within 40 mile radius
Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 25 75 views

What majors/minors are recommended if one wants to pursue a career as a behavioral analyst?

I'm a sophomore at rogers high and I just started looking into colleges.

Livi’s Avatar
Livi Nov 19 62 views

Which is more interesting Law school or art school?

I am in grade Nine and will be graduating soon as I am taking PSCO classes and as the young woman I am I would like to live my best life. I would also like to make sure I am making the right choice because I will be Graduating in two years instead of three. It is a alot of desicion-making...

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Nov 15 89 views

How did internships help you in your career?

I'm curious about the role of internships in college. How valuable were they for you, and do you recommend specific types for someone interested in business?

Aurora’s Avatar
Aurora Nov 14 28 views

How to grow a small busines?

have a small busines on facebook, I sell art that i have made but I don't really have time to make stuff since I am in school. I need help to balence the small busness and school.

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Nov 09 50 views

Please help me! I really want to know!

how do i become an ultra sound tech?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Nov 09 44 views

What is the psychology How does it help us, why do we need all these things in our brain, and why do we need to learn.?

What is the psychology? How does it help us, why do we need all these things in our brain, and why do we need to learn.

Conner’s Avatar
Conner Nov 08 107 views

What was the field you wanted to go into during high school and how did that change as life progressed?

10th grade business. Just a high schooler doing this so I can get a big assignment done so please respond because that would be very appreciated by me. Thank you!

John’s Avatar
John Nov 08 53 views

Did you ever regret the career you chose?

How did this effect your motivation

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Nov 08 34 views

What field did you go into and were you able to find a job soon after finishing college?

I am in thenth grade looking towards the future. I am intrested in going into the medical field.

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Nov 08 30 views

Did you know what you wanted to study going into college?

I am a high school student and I am learning about college and I don't know what I want to be when I am older. I am confused and stressed about what I want to do and I have a variety range of things from psychology, radiology, or hairstylist.

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Nov 08 38 views

What types of classes did you take for your career chose?

what types of classes did you take to graduate with that degree?

Saja’s Avatar
Saja Oct 29 134 views

As a high-school student, I have interest in architecture, so I want to know how is the job as an architect? Is is really boring and having less creativity?

I am in the 11th grade and I am looking for the appropriate field for me, so I have found that I have interest in architecture, but I don't want to close my eyes about the real life of the architects, so can you help me in that please ?

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Oct 17 105 views

What impact will the Israeli Palestinian conflict have on the business world in the coming years. ?

What fields will be impacted.

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Oct 16 57 views

How long of schooling is a hairstylist?

how long of schooling is a hairstylist

Aurora’s Avatar
Aurora Oct 16 530 views

What are some collages that have equestrian classes and are able to bring your horse?

Hi! I am a Junior in high school and it's about time I start looking for schools. I want to do somthing with horses, but I don't know where to start. I have a horse and I don't want to have to sell him when I go to collage. I would like to bring him or have someone pay me to lease him if that...

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