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Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Within 40 mile radius
Shane’s Avatar
Shane 2 days ago 344 views

What's a good job that's suitable for someone with a learning disability ?

I have a hard time gathering information mentally. I like result-driven, checking errors, and I like being hands on. Speech is very hard for me due to my learning disability, so I have a better time writing what I have to say clearly. I have empathy. I love helping people go through their...

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Jun 09 227 views

How I start my career as a voice over?

I want to start my career as a voice over but I don't were start, I receive so many suggestion I'm kinda confuse

ps: From Toronto, ONT

Siddhi’s Avatar
Siddhi May 27 441 views

Are there any research/volunteering/internship opportunities related to med for grade 11/12 students? ?

Can you please send some links or websites for any opportunities either online or in-person in Canada, Ontario? Thank you!

Ruveyda’s Avatar
Ruveyda May 24 212 views

How do you upgrade from Medical Laboratory Technician to Medical laboratory Technologist in Canada?

I live in Toronto and am currently studying Human Health Science. I have completed my second year and am currently taking summer school. I am still deciding whether to pursue a career as a Medical Lab Technologist or explore other options. The Michener Institute is the only college in Toronto...

Ruveyda’s Avatar
Ruveyda May 24 299 views

Which career is better Occupational therapist or Medical Laboratory Technologist in Canada ?

I am studying Human Health Science (3rd year) which we learn more of anatomy and physiology also chemistry and biology. I am an introverted person however, I am a good team member and I like to interact with people but not for too long. And I want to have a chance to work part time or a...

Gabby’s Avatar
Gabby Apr 21 279 views

What should I become a planner, interior designer, or architect?

I'm in 8th grade and I have a passion for art, design, and creating spaces. Urban planning is the most interesting to me, but I'm not sure about the political side of it. Interior design also is fascinating, but I would if I'm not creative enough. Lastly, I love architecture but I am not the...

Siddhi’s Avatar
Siddhi Mar 06 791 views

Which major should I take if I am interested in the brain and biology but not sure if i want to go to med school?

Which majors can lead to multiple career choices without me having to do a phd and one that would allow me to make good money?

Silver’s Avatar
Silver Jan 21 588 views

What do you have to do to become a lawyer ?

What type of school and how long will I be studying

Rhianna’s Avatar
Rhianna Dec 22, 2023 402 views

Is it true that Psych NP's aren't really recognized in Canada?

I am a canadian high school student going into nursing, and I really would like to become a psych nurse practitioner and felt I resonated with this career path. However I have come to the realization that Canada , or ontario at least doesnt really recoognize psych nps as a specialty, and only...

nora’s Avatar
nora Dec 06, 2023 298 views

How Much Can I Order Custom Keychains In Bulk?

I'm looking for a Canada-based company that can easily provide me some options to manufacture custom keychains in bulk and I want them in hundreds of quantities to distribute to every student in my school. Does anyone know which company is good for creating keychains? As I've searched out...

Vedant’s Avatar
Vedant Sep 10, 2023 395 views

Questions about astrophysics?

Hi, I'm looking for somebody working in astrophysics willing to answer some questions I had about that career stream (just so I know what it's like working in it).

Vedant’s Avatar
Vedant Aug 11, 2023 1096 views

How did you prepare for this career in terms of education and training? What traits of yours led to choosing this career path?

Looking for answers from more science based careers - i.e. Paramedicine, astronomy, botany, zoology, physicists.

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Jul 15, 2023 655 views

Where to learn to sing for free ?

I want to get better at singing but I can’t join any particular classes as I don’t have time any particular YouTube channel or site to learn singing??

Rhianna’s Avatar
Rhianna Jul 08, 2023 292 views

What is the stress levels of any obsetric nurses?

I am highly interested in pursuing a career in Nicu nursing or L& D nursing, what is the stress level like and would you say its overall worth it ( dothe cons outweigh the pros)?

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Jul 07, 2023 429 views

How to manage time for K-pop training and university ?

How should I manage Time if I get training of singing and dancing and pursue bachelors in non music field .how to self study and do everything orderly ??

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