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augustus’s Avatar
augustus May 12 257 views

how to be more hardworking?

in school and after school

Jill’s Avatar
Jill May 15 251 views

What would be a reason for me to get my doctorate in higher education as opposed to my DNP?

What would be a reason for me to get my doctorate in higher education as opposed to my DNP?

Neville’s Avatar
Neville May 15 183 views

How can I shadow a pilot for a day?

Doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial pilot or not.

sam’s Avatar
sam Feb 28 252 views

What encourages you to do your same job all the time?

I feel like jobs can be very monotonous, so I am just curious what makes this not true for some people.

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Feb 24 442 views

best way to learn new skills ?

best way to learn new skills ?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Feb 16 253 views

Are you on call as a starter pilot? How does a started pilot different from a veteran pilot?

I am a sophomore in highschool and this career is hopefully going to be my lifetime career!

Bonita’s Avatar
Bonita Jan 23 884 views

How do actors remember all of their lines?

I have an interest of being an actor. I want to lean more about the film industry.

Adam’s Avatar
Adam Jan 23 773 views

How do i decide between possible careers im good at?

Im very athletic, im good at maths and computer and people tell me i have a talent for singing. Which should i pursue going forward?

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Jan 23 908 views

What is the best way to go into an interview for a job at the age of 15?

Please give me advice

cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Jan 12, 2023 622 views

Would you recommend becoming a commercial pilot?

which aspects of your job is your favorite? Which aspects of your job do you not like?

Daniella’s Avatar
Daniella Jan 02, 2023 593 views

Becoming an air hostess and a movie actress?

How can i aquire my dreams by becoming an air hostess and a movie actress?

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Dec 07, 2022 1230 views

What would a normal shift for a flight attendant look like?

I have been interested in a ton of careers and jobs that are all pretty different and this is one of them. How many flights do you do in a day? What are the things you do for passengers while on a flight?

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Nov 10, 2022 455 views

Money while traveling.

How can I make a stable income while traveling?

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Nov 06, 2022 427 views

How old do I have to be to be the manager of my own airline?

I want to start my own airline and become a pilot at the same time in South Africa

Jayleen’s Avatar
Jayleen May 20, 2016 1704 views

Is becoming a flight attendant hard to do?

I enjoy flying and always think that the flight attendants have the coolest job ever. They get to travel and get paid. What kind of training do you have to do? #flight-attendant #flight-safety