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Sales Support Representative
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Chicago, Illinois
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Jerin’s Avatar
Jerin Sep 22, 2022 861 views

What are the skills you need for career success computer system field?

Team work, initiative, Leadership, professionalism, work ethic.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 22, 2022 630 views

If I'm good at math, what careers should I look into?

Accounting, actuary, computer science, finance, economics, etc.? What about less common careers?

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jan 19, 2018 664 views

Best wording for leaving a job?

When i'm leaving a position solely for the fact that I do not agree with the administration. Should I just say its for personal reasons?

#quitting #howto

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Dec 10, 2021 630 views

Is it better to major in an arts related field or minor in it?

#art #major #college #design

Anja’s Avatar
Anja Feb 24, 2022 1541 views

What jobs are the best for introverts?

I am a person who works best alone, as I can get pretty nervous when interacting with others. I wanted to know what careers are best for those who don't work well with others. I am thinking something within STEM or something that has to do with art. #art #science #career #math #personality...

Callel’s Avatar
Callel Mar 21, 2022 631 views

How do I get better at drawing bodies for my works of art?

what would be the best way to go about designing bodies for my art, would i need to study anatomy or would i just need basic skills to draw body designs?

Deniquwa’s Avatar
Deniquwa May 21, 2022 674 views

Any daily drawing tips or lessons?

Im trying to get back in to drawing. Is there any free Drawing lesson or programs I can learn from?

Bobbi’s Avatar
Bobbi Sep 16, 2022 458 views

Tattoos and piercings.

Why are tattoos and piercings considered unprofessional?

Jalencia’s Avatar
Jalencia Apr 12, 2018 874 views

Do you think there needs to be more investigation when doing CPS

I'm an adopted child, along with my twin brother, who's special needs and I found out not too long ago that there are actually a lot of adopted and foster kids in my area. But, not all are in a loving caring home like I am. I feel like I should step in, give back to the kids and make a change...

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Aug 31, 2018 1099 views

Can a person burnout in real life?

If a student stays up till 12 am each day in high school doing homework, is there a point in time when the body cannot maintain these standards anymore, and we loose steam somewhere in college or grad school #high-school-students #work-life-balance #high-school-classes #school

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jan 14, 2019 1045 views

Which is better: continuing to work a job you've grown to dislike because it is advantageous for you career-wise, or finding a new job that you genuinely enjoy?

I've always believed that if you pursue a career you love, then you'll never work a day in your life, so I've followed my dreams and have always planned to pursue my passion, even if it might not result in the most high-paying job. This passion is writing. However, throughout the years, I've...

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jan 14, 2019 1239 views

What would you do if you loved your job but hated your work environment? Would you leave? How would you cope?

For example, I've worked as a copy editor and/or copywriter for both my high school yearbook and college newspaper, and while I wouldn't say that I've LOVED journalism, I do find it enjoyable at times. I would prefer to be doing creative writing, but I genuinely enjoy all types of writing, and...

Fatima’s Avatar
Fatima May 03, 2019 1298 views

How can I keep my schedule organized?

I need more time to hang out with friends
#school #time #time-management #student #college #work-life-balance

Samyukta’s Avatar
Samyukta Jul 27, 2020 1131 views

What are some things you wish someone told you during your school life?

#school #school-counseling #work-life-balance

Ramiro’s Avatar
Ramiro Nov 02, 2021 513 views

How much free time do you have in a full time work schedule and is it enough?

do you think that you have enough free time after your work is done? what are some ways that you can improve work/life balance. #time-management #work-life-balance #work